Brussels Shorinji Kempo


Shorinji Kempo was introduced in Brussels in 2011 as Philippe Chazerand, currently WSKO 5th dan, secretary and direct student of Aosaka Sensei, 9th dan Daihanshi, founder of European Shorinji Kempo and head of WSKO's European Office, came to live in Europe's capital. Brussels Shorinji Kempo became an official WSKO branch in 2012 thanks to Aosaka Sensei's unwavering support and with the assent of So Yuki, WSKO president, and Arai Sensei, WSKO board chairperson. Belgium is thus the 37th country to hold a Shorinji Kempo branch representing the WSKO.

As former Branch Master of La Jonquière in Paris and teacher at Paris Dauphine University's Shorinji Kempo club, Philippe Chazerand has over 20 years' experience teaching martial arts. He uses this experience to forge individuals who are both strong in body and mind and value benevolence.

Philippe Chazerand is a physical therapist practising in Auderghem, Brussels. He is also a certified shiatsu practitioner. Safety and knowledge of the human body are pillars of his teachings.