VERSYS 650 Mountain Runner ECU flash

Currently available for 2015-21 models !

Shoodaben Engineering is proud to announce the first ECU flash for the Kawasaki Versys 650. Just because you've chosen to ride a bike with a smaller engine doesn't mean you need to accept less than stellar performance. The Versys 650 is a blast to ride - light, nimble, economical and it sure likes to lean! If you really want to enjoy your Versys 650 to the fullest, don't overlook what a good tune will do for your enjoyment of your bike. I've invested months of dyno and road time into my own 2015 Versys 650 to address any and all rideability issues that the Versys 650 has, and also add smoothness and power without sacrificing fuel economy. I worked diligently to improve the low rpm power on the 2015 - up gen 3 models. You will be shocked at how easy the bike is to ride at lower rpms now! I have also added the very popular "Mountain Runner" technology to help retain smooth and effective engine braking. Very useful when riding grades, curves, or even in traffic.

All tuning was done with 87 octane pump gas. No need for higher octane. This is a comprehensive flash, and includes the following changes to the ECU:

Intake air pressure fuel map optimized;

Throttle position fuel map optimized;

Ignition timing optimized;

All gear based secondary throttle maps optimized;

Deceleration fuel cut is defeated, off/on throttle is smooth as butter!

Rev limiter is lowered 500 rpm to 9500... safer for the engine and doesn't sacrifice any performance;

Engine cooling fan on temp lowered 10*.

Everyone likes dyno charts, but a 100% throttle chart shows little for our average riding because we're not on wide open throttle very often. On the other hand, a 50% throttle acceleration would probably be a normal, brisk acceleration for most Versys 650 riders. Here's a dyno chart of before and after 50% / 5th gear acceleration starting at 35 mph. The green line is the 2010-14 stock, the red line is the 2015 up stock, and the blue line is the Shoodaben tuned 2015-up.

Looking at the chart, think about a common acceleration you'ld do. You'ld probably be mostly in the 4 to 8000 rpm range. If you notice, the Shoodaben Mountain Runner flash clearly gives more power in this area. Now think about doing an acceleration to catch up with traffic while merging. You are going to run though this rpm range for several gears. You will be quicker getting up to your next upshift with each gear. The net result is gaining speed much more quickly and not having to beat your engine to do it.

Here's a wide open throttle comparison of before (blue) and after (red) on my all stock 2015 Versys 650. If you notice, the tuned engine is making the same power by appx 7200 rpm as the stock engine is making at it's peak of about 8700 rpm. The increase in torque is evident from as low as 3000 rpm. This is power you can feel.

Please contact me at for removal / shipping / payment information.

Here's a video on ECU removal:

Current pricing is 270.00 which includes shipping and insurance in the US. International orders will be more because of increased shipping.