Many thanks to Steve for the flash on Kthulhu. Outstanding improvement.

Now I need to open a Gofundme so i can get my arms sewn back on and maybe wipe the everlasting grin off my ugly mug!

Michael Mayo , Mountain Runner Premium, 5/3/20

Man, what can I tell you, you just bought me another motorcycle, there's no popping at all in any gear at any speed, constant power all the time, I'm in love with 2nd and 3rd gear, the engine braking is perfect, just amazing, thank you so much for what you do, will recommend you to everyone I know.

Manny Cisneros, Mountain Runner Premium 4/1/21

This is how your Concours 14 Shoodaben!

Are you researching a performance ECU flash for your Concours 14? Are you interested in what you're fellow Concours 14 owners think is the best flash?

Here's the product review page from the Concours Owners Group forum, and the Performance poll from the ZG/GTR1400 Enthusiast FB page as of early 2021. These are the 2 most visited sites online for Concours 14 information.

As you can see, the Shoodaben flashes are clearly the most popular Concours ECU flashes available.

(MRP = Mountain Runner Premium, and as a long time active member of the Concours community, it's common for my flash to be referred to as "Steves")

Features you'll get from all Shoodaben Engineering flashes -

1) All flashes will improve power and smoothness everywhere in the rev range, from just off idle to redline. This makes low rpm riding and short shifting very comfortable. No need to wind the engine up to get up to speed.

2) will work on all c-14's from 08 to 2021 models. For the 2015 up, flashes are available that will use the 02 sensors if you wish to retain them.

3) Deceleration fuel cut is disabled. The injectors will not shut off when you close the throttle . The result is no abruptness on and off throttle. You won't have to work to be "smooth coming on the throttle" anymore.

4) Secondary Throttle maps completely rebuilt, and unique to each tune. If you ride 2 up, your passenger won't be banging their helmet into yours anymore. Shifting will be seamless, not clunky like the stock tune. Slow speed control of your bike like you've never imagined.

5) You will generally be riding in 1 to 2 gears higher for any given condition because of the increased torque.

6) If you're just "riding" and not working the throttle hard, the fuel economy increases will be clearly evident.

7) Top speed limiters are removed. All fuel / timing / secondary control tables completely and exhaustively reworked. Full access to disable deceleration fuel cut, pair valve shut off, fan temp on/ off set points, and vvt control. Nothing in common with the stock tuning!

8) RPM limit is not raised on the Mountain Runner flashes. it remains 10,000 rpm which exceeds the engine's ability to gain power at that rpm; It is raised for the Area P flash and Hammer flash to 10500 for racing use. However, due to the weight of the VVT module on the end of the intake cam, I strongly advise caution as to how often you bounce the tach off the limiter. I have grave concerns about vvt related failure from high rpm shifts that can cause the top end of the engine to be destroyed. I have a vvt module that tore it's locating dowel out - See the pics at the bottom of this page. Your c-14 IS NOT a zx14... those who tell you it is the same are either misinformed or trying to mislead you. Here's a video :

9) timing retard is eliminated to the rpm limit on all flashes

10) I tune with 10% ethanol pump gas. Mountain Runner is built with, and can safely run 89 octane. Mountain Runner PREMIUM and THE HAMMER must use 91+ octane, unless throttle is limited to less than 50%. Please read more about my tuning methods here

11) Grab a handful of throttle and look out! Take a look at the dyno charts below. These charts were developed with my stock 2012 Concours. The only modification is an Area P slip on muffler. My bike is well serviced; the valves are properly adjusted, air filter fresh, etc. Please remember that your actual dyno numbers will be different based on the mechanical condition of your bike. I have seen concours make more power and some make less power on my dyno.

12) - I can alter the rev limiter or fan on/off temps to your specs, though I feel what I have in my flashes is the best choice from a mechanical and efficiency viewpoint.

What sets Shoodaben Engineering flashes apart for the competition?


Why? it's simple... I am driven to satisfy each person who runs my flash. As such, my flashes have evolved and changed over the years, based on customer feedback and desires. Today's flashes reflect what YOU WANTED in a flash, in fact Mountain Runner technology was specifically driven by customer feedback. Having exceeded 1000 Concours running the Shoodaben Engineering flashes, it's clear that this approach to customer satisfaction has dominated the Concours flashing market. You spoke and I listened. THANK YOU for helping to develop the best Concours flashes available!

To Order your Shoodaben Engineering ECU flash, please email me at or through my contact page (left column, this page) Requesting shipping information for your flash. Please include a phone # I can reach you at to discuss options. I'll email you an attachment with all the info you need to remove, package, ship, and pay for your flash.

Pricing 325.00 plus shipping. Details will be on the attachment I send to you when you request more information by email.

UPGRADES AND EXCHANGES - Upgrades from discontinued flashes, 75.00 which includes shipping. Exchange of a current flash for another, or updating for an exhaust change, generally the cost of shipping.


MOUNTAIN RUNNER For stock or slip on mufflers. Built with 89 octane for the times you are on a long trip and can't get premium octane fuel, Mountain Runner retains an appropriate amount of engine decel braking that customers asked for. The engine braking is more subtle than stock, and applies on closing throttle like a bungie cord was hooked to the back of your bike. The deeper into the deceleration you go, the more the engine braking applies. This makes throttle modulation aid in control of the bike while riding curves and twisties. On acceleration from closed throttle, power applies less linearly over the first 10% of throttle input. No sudden "bang" of power to throw you off your line while leaned over. This really aids in coming back on throttle with great control when in tight twisties. This flash has been the overwhelming favorite of Concours owners.

MOUNTAIN RUNNER PREMIUM For stock or slipon mufflers Built with premium octane fuel , this flash really exploits all the power available in the Concours 14 engine. It retains all the rideability of the MOUNTAIN RUNNER below 50% throttle but by using the tuning from THE HAMMER from 50% to 100% throttle this flash has stunning power. Peak power is the same as THE HAMMER. A typical wide open throttle gain over MOUNTAIN RUNNER is 4-5# TQ in the lower rpms and 4-5 hp in the upper rpms. Please remember that this flash is running high cylinder pressures at relatively low rpms in order to get such high torque values. This REQUIRES you to run premium octane (91+ octane). This flash has the best of both worlds... throttle control and unmatched power. Very refined in general riding, crazy power with larger throttle application. If you're on a trip and in a pinch on finding premium fuel, you can use 89 octane if you stay below 50% throttle.

THE HAMMER For stock or slipon mufflers. This would be considered my most aggressive flash, and requires premium (91+) octane. Very smooth from off to on throttle, but doesn't have the engine braking available in the MOUNTAIN RUNNER flashes. Throttle application from closed throttle to open is linear, with all the power available for each degree of throttle. This flash is designed to give as much power as the engine can give for every degree of throttle setting. It is very impressive in acceleration sharpness at all rpm or throttle settings. Please remember though this is a big engine making impressive power, and sometimes that's not ideal in tight twisties and curves unless you are a very skilled rider. The rev limiter is extended to 10,500 rpm. Caution should be applied here... see the vvt module info below. Coolant fan temp reduced 10* to help keep the engine cooler if staging at the dragstrip. If you are racing your concours, or "ride it like you stole it" THE HAMMER is the obvious choice.

Most folks want some way to measure the differences between MOUNTAIN RUNNER and the HAMMER flashes. It's really hard to do, but one of my customers was able to put it in a graph that gets the point across. Now remember, this is power only up to 10% throttle. This isn't perfect, but it does a good job, better than all my ramblings. As you view the graph, think about just coming back on power exiting a tight curve... sometimes all the power available isn't the best thing, unless you're a racer. Finite power control is what Mountain Runner is about.


While I'm not a big "dyno guy" because dynos tell us nothing about rideability, folks still like to see measured gains.


First, let's look at my bike with a stock muffler and with an Area P slip on. Red trace is with the slip on muffler. Not much of a difference.


Next, let's look at stock / stock with a slip on and mountain runner with a slip on - Stock is the green trace, done on a fully stock bike. The blue trace is stock with an Area P slip on, and no additional silencer / decibel killer . The red trace is Mountain Runner with the same Area P slip on. Look at the torque, linearity and power gains achieved. Actual peak road power will be apx +5 hp, as I tune considering the effects of ram air, which cannot be replicated on a dyno.

MOUNTAIN RUNNER - significant gains in torque, and a 19 hp gain at 10,000 rpm redline over stock.


Now let's compare Mountain runner Vs Mountain Runner Premium or The Hammer. Mountain Runner Premium and The Hammer are the same at wide open throttle, except that The Hammer has a 10,500 rpm rev limit. BIG gains over the big gains already achieved with Mountain Runner!


Mountain Runner Premium and the Hammer

Is this power level repeatable?

Here's 6 runs that say so. You decide. And notice the torque at only 3300 rpm. 97-98# TQ. A stock c-14 with nothing but a slip on. Crazy!

AREA P FULL SYSTEM FLASH as the name implies, this flash is for bikes with a full system (header back) AreaP exhaust. This flash will also be a good choice for comparable aftermarket exhausts. For comparison, the AreaP system is a Tri-y, uses 44 mm head pipes and a 2.25" mid pipe. This pipe and flash made a huge power gain to 160.6 HP @ 9800 rpm, 105.6# TQ @ 6200 rpm, and 95# TQ @ 3500 rpm on my dyno. I pulled out all the stops with this flash... The area P full system flash has very finite throttle control with Mountain Runner technology for controlled application of all that power. This map also has individually assigned gear / fuel trims to account for Ram Air, which cannot be duplicated on a dyno. In building this flash, Data was recorded from multiple high speed runs in excess of 160mph.

See the dyno chart below named "Full Area P" - actual high speed racing HP will probably be appx + 5 hp over that depicted, based on the difference provided by the ram air tuning I incorporate. This flash is designed to not lean out at speed like a typical dyno only flash will. 325.00 US.


RED run is the current 2018 updated area P flash.

BLUE is my original Area P flash.

All work done same bike / same dyno / same day.

To Order your Shoodaben engineering ECU flash, please email me through my contact page (top left column on this page) Requesting shipping information for your flash, and ask about any special pricing that maybe in effect. Please include a phone # I can reach you at to discuss options. I'll email you an attachment with all the info you need to remove, package, ship, and pay for your flash.

Below are pics of a failed Concours vvt module. As you see, the module weights 23.6 oz, almost 1.5#. At 10,000 rpm it's spinning 5,000 rpm and is carrying a great amount of momentum. High RPM upshifting would be a sudden slowing of all that momentum as the rpm's drop for the next gear. You will notice a dowel pin locating hole, and the metal torn out. The engine was slowing but the module was still trying to rotate forward from the momentum it was carrying... with enough force to shear the pin out of the intake cam and the VVT module.

This type of damage is unlikely to occur on a dyno, because most dyno runs start and stop in the same gear, and the engine "winds down" in the same gear. This dissipates the energy, rather than the sudden slowing that occurs with upshifts.

Folks can talk about your c-14 being a zx14, but pictures don't lie.

I post this kind of information because I believe most c-14 owners are mature enough to not want their beloved motorcycles damaged. A blown up engine is just a really expensive piece of scrap metal.


Other tuners talk about their dyno results... at Shoodaben engineering we back it up with real world data.

Here's a timed run slip from the El Mirage Dry Lake speed trials, as ridden by world record holder Michael Cox. Michael is the current land speed record holder with a twin engine turbo'd kawasaki . Michael made this run with his stock engine 2009 Kawasaki Concours 1400. The only power modifications were a de-catted stock head pipe, a 2 brothers 2" slip on muffler,enlarged ram air intake, and Shoodaben Engineering's ECU flash. This is an "unofficial" run as there is no class for the mods Michael has on this Concours. 182.013mph... WOW. Thanks Michael!