Versys 1000 tune

Andrew Davis

To Me

Hey Steve,

The ECU showed up today, popped it in and took the bike out for 20 mins.

The difference is astounding, the bike is sooo smooth and just glides through the turns. The lady is happier the smooth ride too!

Thanks a million for the flash, looking forward to enjoying many thousands of miles on this new setup.


From a former moto officer, Low speed control is important!

C14 ECU Flash

From DR Sessum To my email, 9/22/20

From a former moto officer, Low speed control is important!


I rode my motor Saturday just briefly, down my long driveway and back into the shop. It's been raining up here. The fall is here. Sunday was clear and sunny. The temps were in the 70's. The first thing that I wanted to check out was the low-speed throttle response. When I was a motor cop we had to train at low speeds. Hell, that was the biggest part of the training. How to maneuver a motor at almost walking speed. It didn't matter what brand, shaft-drive, or chain-drive, you had to operate the motor smoothly at low-speed. So a smooth throttle response was key.

I took the motor to school. There is a school not far from me and the parking lot has new lines. I went through a few 180-degree steering lock turns and some serpentine patterns. It was amazing! The stock machine was too jerky to that without playing with the clutch a lot. Now it's perfect. I hadn't ridden like that in 12 years but it all came back and soon I was making U-turns inside of two parking spaces, which is what I was trained to do so long ago. The engine performed flawlessly.

The next thing was to check out taking off from a standstill, like at a traffic light. Before the flash, the motor felt like it had two ways to do that. One, a lot of clutch to ease into the takeoff and try to mitigate how the throttle was going to just pop off. Or two, think of myself as launching from an aircraft carrier and go for it. Now, all of that is changed. I can ease off the line, great for when the PoPo is around, or I can have that Top Gun launch, I just have to make sure to cue Kenny Loggins on my music playlist and blast off.

Once altitude is achieved, the thing handles like a fine instrument. Just like you told me, the 5th gear roll-on of power is just a twist of the wrist. I was at an interchange merging with traffic, I saw an opening, the way the motor now goes through the power band is impressive, I rolled on the gas, and just like that, I was where I wanted to be on the road.

I want to thank you for what you have done. I was prepared to just learn to deal with the stock Concours 14 and make due. Not anymore. This motorcycle has become what its designers were aiming for with your ECU flash.

From Gene to my email

Mountain Runner Premium

Concours 1400

Thu, May 21, 2020

Steve I received ECM today and installed it. All I can say is wow!! This is an amazing change to the bike and the way it performs. It feels like it’s so much smoother and the power feels like it’s everywhere whenever you need it. Feels like a rocket ship. I am absolutely amazed and happy. Thank you so much! I appreciate you getting it done so quickly also.

From Scott to my email

Mountain Runner Premium

Concours 1400

4-30-20 Steve. Just got back from a ride after receiving the ECU. I only have one word: WOW. This is like a brand new bike. It shifts smoother, has more power all around. Not just off the line, but in 5th and OD it feels like there is more on tap. I absolutely love it. Best money I ever spent. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. Great turn around time on delivery. Feel free to cut and paste these comments to your site. This thing does everything advertised and more. Thank you for the great service!

Scott Johnson,

Rosemount, MN

From Brendan to My email

Mountain Runner Premium

Concours 1400


Hi Steve,

Got the Ecu installed and it really makes shifting much smoother. It was great for the training and I felt much more comfortable in first and second gear when I let off the throttle and it didn’t start slowing so quickly. I’m looking forward to taking it to the mountains but so far very satisfied. Thanks again for turning it around so quickly.


From Rory to my email

Mountain runner Premium

Concours 1400

Mar 11, 2020"I had my ECU flashed... I'll write the review I would have wanted to read.

Things I noticed

- More power throughout the rev range

- Smoother deceleration

- Better gas mileage

- ECU is surprisingly easy to remove and replace

- It fits in a US Postal priority mail box, small

My wife noticed

- She didn't bang my helmet

- My seat was off for a few days in the garage

- I didn't buy dinner for a couple days

I chose the tuner that is intimately familiar with my bike and my riding community (COG). He has owned and made modifications for both the C10 and C14. The tune I picked was designed for the way I ride a sport touring machine... not just chasing numbers on a dyno. Specifically this tuner is the only one I've read about that has significantly improved the deceleration (engine braking).

Yes, I have more power.... the biggest benefit from my perspective is the smooth acceleration and deceleration. I'm not a track rider... I ride the twisties in north georgia on the weekends and ride to work daily (4/5 days). I believe the experience gained by being an active and helpful member of the COG community shows in this tune and is how the C14 shoodaben."

Steve Larsonto Concours Owners Group (COG)

Feb 6, 2020

After putting over 28,000 miles on my 2016 Concours, I decided to try flashing the ECU. This bike ran great, and I had been pleased with its power and performance. I was skeptical about the claims that re-programming the ECU could make noticeable improvement over the factory setup, but several friends who flashed their ECU reported great results. Since my bike was spending most of January in the garage anyway, it was a convenient time to implement the flash. I decided on the Mountain Runner Premium flash from Shoodaben after calling Steve Sefsick and discussing the flash with him.

Disconnecting the battery and removing the ECU was a piece of cake, less than 15 minutes. I sent it off, received the flashed ECU back within a week. After ECU re-installation and connecting the battery, the bike fired right up. The weather was crap in the Northwest recently, so I only did in-town riding for the first two weeks. However, I did notice that throttle control was easier and more precise after the flash. I also noticed that low-RPM performance was improved, and it was even able to climb the steep hill near my house in a higher gear at 2000-2500 RPM, that would have required down-shifting pre-flash. Shifting was also greatly improved after the flash.

Sunday the weather improved, which afforded me a better opportunity to evaluate the post-flash performance. First, I did some interstate driving so that I could run it at different RPM’s. This bike is a beast accelerating on the interstate on-ramp. It felt a little quicker post-flash, but to be honest, it’s difficult to notice a few tenths of a second difference when accelerating from single digits to triple digits unless you time it. I did notice that on the interstate, my throttle-lock seemed to hold a constant velocity better than it had before. The post-flash acceleration was noticeably better in 2000 – 4000 RPM range.

Next, I got off the interstate onto two-lane twisty roads. I noticed the bike had slightly less decel when backing off the throttle compared to before. The most dramatic difference I noticed was improved smoothness when going on-off-on throttle. This would have been jerky before, but now seemed almost like an electric motor. The second welcome improvement was the noticeable improvement in acceleration when coming out of a curve. The low-RPM performance increase has a huge benefit for post-corner acceleration.

Thanks to Shoodaben for creating the opportunity to make the C14 an even more awesome machine than it was already. The ECU flash was definitely worthwhile in my opinion, and I’d recommend it for those of you who are still undecided about flashing.

Dec 27, 2019, Posted by "Kreton's LC" on the COG forum

Concours 14

Well, I should've washed my baby, but my Shoodaben Mt. Runner Premium-flashed ECU arrived this afternoon - just in time to let me get in a 70+ mile ride to try it out. After trying it out, in a word I'm ANGRY . . . that Kawasaki didn't tune the C14 this way at the factory! Wow - it's like a whole new bike! I immediately noticed much smoother shifts, especially from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. Engine braking - silky smooth. More power? Absolutely, but the way it comes on is as cool as the new found power itself. Very refined - no micro twist of the throttle and it suddenly lifts the front wheel and rips your arms from their sockets. So no learning curve needed to adapt to the new power in order to avoid killing yourself. And what's fun is you don't need to wind it up to take advantage of that extra power. I always felt the engine had decent power at low rpm, but with the flash I'll get plenty of low rpm grins that weren't there before. Heck, even twisting the throttle doing 50 in OD sees the speedo needle jump surprisingly fast.

The "Shoodaben" name is perfect, because you just know this is how the engine should perform. It's not just funner to ride because of the added power, it's also more pleasant to ride because the power comes on smoothly, the bike shifts so much better, and has smoother engine braking as well. So yeah, while I'm a little mad Kawasaki didn't deliver this performance from the get-go, I'm glad Steve offers such a good remedy for the problem. Really looking forward to putting on more miles in a variety of riding situations so I can do an actual review on the reviews forum!

Dec 24, 2019 CONCOURS 14

Steve, I hope your surgery went well and you are recovering fine.

I received the ecu on Friday, I installed over the weekend, of course it was freezing up here.

I finally took it out for 200 mile ride yesterday.

I’m at a loss for words, this thing is sick now. The acceleration is phenomenal,a few times from a stop sign I accelerated a little quick and the traction control came on. Power from off idle to 6000 rpm’s is incredible . Then of course I’m on a long stretch of open highway and you know what that means! From 80 mph to 140 was easily accomplished. As I told you earlier, I have a busa and a zx14r and my concours is on there tail now .

Steve, I can’t thank you enough for your hard work and the programming you accomplished on ecu flashes. I am so impressed with my concours now.

Thank you so much for everything.

Sincerely, David Chim

OCT 2019 VERSYS 650

It's time I owe you another follow-up about the flash you did on the Missus' 2018 Versys 650LT's ECU.

The short version is: excellent. It does everything you said it would, most especially moderating the bike's nasty throttle snatch at lower openings and speeds. The bike is much more friendly to ride in traffic, of which we have plenty around here in SW suburban Chicagoland. Frankly, I didn't especially like riding the bike before, and now I do. The other effects came almost as a surprise. My seat-of-the-pants impression is that there's a noticeable power increase in the mid- and mid-upper rev range, which brings the bike into the usable category for our intense Interstate traffic around here. On the infamous Tri-State Tollway, I-294, in the northern stretches, going 90 in the left lane will get you run over quickly. I almost would guess the bike's gained 5-10mph of top speed, too, although I haven't tested that. Another thing that came unexpectedly is the much smoother running in the higher speeds. The handlebar vibration at 60, 70, and 80mph is very considerably less. Honestly, the first run down the Tollway at 80+ had me almost forgetting what bike I was on, what with the handlebar and footpeg vibration being so reduced. A very happy side effect.

OCT 2019 Concours14 Mountain runner Premium (a comparison)

Alright......back from riding in Eureka Springs. I have Steve’s Mountain Runner Premium flash, and my buddy has Ivan’s flash for a full system. We swapped bikes in Kingston and rode back to Eureka Springs. We both agree on the following observations:

Ivan’s idles substantially higher for a longer period of time when cold.

MRP flash feels stronger overall.

MRP feels more crisp at a 60 mph 5th gear roll on.

MRP consistently gets 10% better fuel mileage by hand calculation.

My opinions: the MRP seems to be more tame when rolling into and out of the throttle in curves. It also didn’t have the abruptness that I felt Ivan’s had on straight line throttle chop.

I had the Full Area P flash, and upgraded to the MRP(for the full area P system). I feel that the MRP is more refined, and the engine braking is good. I’m running without flies, so when I re-install those, it may be even better.

Last year, I saw 48 in Eureka. This time, my best was 46. For the difference with the engine braking, I’ll take it. I’ll have to see what I can do in the flat lands, since I’ve gotten as high as 52 with the Area P flash.

I’m happy with my set-up, and would steer people that way. Not a knock on Ivan....just happy with what I have.

Steve Ginn

OCT 2019 Concours14 Mountain Runner / flies out

(from Australia)

Yesterday Rob flashed my ecu with your MR2 flash.

My GTR is a 2010. Standard muffler. Not long after I got the bike I removed the secondary flies and was amazed at how smooth it made the bike. Important to me too was being able to access the power from 2000rpm.

When I first heard of your flash I couldn't imagine it could make the bike better. Then there was its cost, not so much what you charge, but the postage to USA and back.

Eventually the consistent raving reviews and Rob's persistentcy wore me down and I started to save my pennies.

I had a 2.5hr ride home from Rob's. Motorway and curvaceous country mountain roads. After 10 minutes re-learning how to use the clutch/throttle in changing gears, my smile just got wider and wider. She is so smooth. The throttle response is perfect. The power too is subtle but always there.

Thanks Steve for an awesome flash, and thanks too for sending it to Aus. I am sure you will have many a bike to ride in this country if ever you find yourself visiting.

With kind regards,

Vincent Biwyer


I received my reflashed ecm very quickly, thanks for the great turnaround!

I installed it in 5 minutes and went for a 20 mile local run........ WOW !

This is the 3rd flash from you and can’t believe how much more I enjoy this one, after basically thinking the last one was near perfect. Clearly the Evolution was more mild mannered, this MRP is like a perfectly controlled rocket ship! I fear I will now need tires twice as often as before.

I will be posting on COG shortly after some more seat time. I think some of the reviews there are positive, but fall short of how awesome this improvement truly is.

I have to express how grateful I am for all of your efforts, I hope you realize how big an impact they make to the people who are part of the riding community!

Just an FYI, in Cylcle there’s an article about Engine Braking. Very interesting article, but in the comments the Concours and your name come up.

Keep up the great work!

Richard Salkind

Sept, 2019 Concours 14 MOUNTAIN RUNNER PREMIUM

Well, I got my bike re-flashed just a couple weeks ago. Haven't had time to ride it too much, since the rainy season began in Florida like 2 month ago. The little I have ridden it, has made me sad for poor Steve. I don't know how he is going to keep getting business after he pretty much gives you a new bike after flashing it. The bike was running really well before, but there were some spots (especially at the low end) when doing slow maneuvers that the throttle felt a little weird. Also I use to use the throttle a lot to decelerate on the interstate. With the new Mountain Runner Premium flash, these little annoyances were reduced by 99.9%, the .1% is probably me, still getting used to the new throttle response. Slow maneuvers are so much more comfortable and easy. Slowing down on the interstate doesn't' require anywhere as much throttle control to not be jerky. I'm going to have to put on another 50k miles on it before finding

something to tweak on it. Feels like a new bike!

Thanks! Ricardo Nieves

Sept, 2019 Concours 14 MOUNTAIN RUNNER PREMIUM

I finally got out for a ride today and WOW what a difference. The throttle response is perfect! Going up to the mountains next month, can’t wait! Thank you! Jerry Turner

Sept 2019 Concours 14 HAMMER FLASH

My Concours with your Hammer flash is running great. My wife and I just did a 1000 mile long weekend down into W Va and Va on some amazing back roads through Cass, Snowshoe, Marlinton. The Hammer is perfect for my style of back road riding. My buddy on his 08 concours wanted to do an impromptu drag race (on a deserted stretch of road, no one was harmed during this test....haha).

Well.....the Hammer did its thing. Power wheelie in first while accelerating, hit second and another power wheelie carried almost into 3rd, and by then he was long behind me. My wife and I were grinning ear to ear. What fun!

I didn't track gas mileage all that much (having too much fun to worry about it). We did have to ride about 180 miles of interstate to get to the good roads. We were keeping up with traffic and rolling about 80mpg or so and I got 42mpg. I thought that was pretty good for 2 up and going that fast.

Well I just wanted to say let you know the bike is running great.

Take care, Kirk Swigart


Nice work This version really puts the bike where I want it. It now feels like a powerful 1400.

I was out for a while yesterday and got to try a few different riding scenarios. Did you make any changes down low? The normal riding zone seems smoother but that could be all in my mind. Up above half throttle I can tell a difference. I got several good hits on it from standstill & in passing and I feel it comes on noticeable stronger. For a stock pipe, silent machine, it really gets down the road. Super stealthy.

There's a hill on my way home. Very slow first gear turn from main road onto this hill. No driveway entrances. Out of traction control is would occasionally power wheelie. Yesterday I could dial it up as high as I was comfortable!

Thanks again, Mike Zamalis


Love how the bike runs now Steve. Really a pleasure whether grunting around town or winding it on in the country. Super smooth transitions while scrubbing the edges off, just excellent.

Josh Westfall


I just installed the ECU on the bike and only had enough time to eat up a half tank of gas, holy smokes!!!!!!!! what a different bike, it’s as smooth as butter in the low gears and when > you get on her the bike pulls away as smooth as can be. The jerkiness is gone and i find myself not shifting as much( it allows you to use more of the range in the gears), it feels like i just purchased a new bike, anyways tomorrow i’ll get a chance to eat up a full tank( can’t wait). Just wanted to let you know what a great job you did, thank you very much.

Thanks again, Pat Hazler