Shoodaben Engineering

"The way things 'Shoodaben' done from the factory!"

Welcome to Shoodaben Engineering - A website dedicated to the improvement and enjoyment of your Kawasaki Concours ZG1000/gtr1000, Kawasaki Concours ZG1400/gtr1400, Kawasaki Versys 650 and 1000, and the Kawasaki VulcanS650.

I'm Steve Sefsick, and my background in automotive and motorcycle engine building has always had a slant toward performance enhancement. In almost all cases, My personal motorcycles have been the development and test beds for the various products offered here.

My company is named "Shoodaben Engineering" which is code for "should have been". In other words, this is how your motorcycle "Shoodaben".

When seeking performance upgrades, I've found thinking "outside the box' to be a blessing and curse. While I can come up with some pretty good ideas to make more power, they are rarely easy to achieve. I have worked obsessively to tweak and improve my motorcycles, and along the way products have been developed that will improve the performance, smoothness, and economy of your motorcycles too.

These products are offered so owners with average mechanical skills can incorporate them i nto his or her motorcycle. If you are interested in anything I've done for your bike, drop me an email. I can do any of these improvements for you, all done on a custom basis. I also offer services from carb rebuilding all the way to full engine building on a custom basis.

Each of my products is guaranteed to work as advertised, period. Each item is well developed before I have released it, and always want you to feel comfortable in incorporating Shoodaben Engineering products into your motorcycle.