Sensei Keith Cockburn 7th Dan

Sensei Keith runs two of the Kimura Shukokai Karate Clubs both of which are in the Oldham area.

Why does Sensei Keith's clubs come under Shaw Karate club? Well this is because Shaw is where his first karate club was located at the Royal British Legion Shaw, back in 1980. His club has moved premises a few times but is still known as Shaw Karate club by the larger Shukokai Karate Federation.

Sensei Keith is one of the original UK instructors from when the Shukokai Karate Federation was formed by Master Kimura and Shihan Daniels. He has trained in the Shukokai style since 1976 under Master Kimura and Shihan Daniels.

Sensei Keith attended many courses with Master Kimura before his untimely death, visiting and training with Master Kimura at least twice a year over 25+ years.

Sensei Keith continues his traning under Shihan Daniels (Joint World Chief Instructor) and regularly attends the various Gasshuku's (course's) held by Shihan Daniels and the other World Chief Instructors, most recently (March 2010) travelling to the Global Headquarters in New Jersey, USA to train with all four Chief Instructors. (See recent events)

Sensei Keith has represented his club at National and International levels and was an active England squad member fighting in multiple World, European and National Championships all over the world. He has won many competitions too many to list here, but his trophies can be seen on display in his Club at Fit Bodz Gym.

Can you spot a young Sensei Keith in this video from a training trip to Japan with Sensei Kimura and Sensei Tani.