Pitch & Store
Save expensive fuel costs, time & effort as well as helping the environment.
Avoid the hassle of towing your caravan each time you visit the Peak District.

To save fuel, why not store your caravan with us for the season & then book a caravan pitch at Shallow Grange whenever you want to get away from it all.
Once you have delivered your caravan, you don't even need to use a car with a tow bar. For a small charge, we can pull your caravan out for you each time & put it away after your stay.

Storage fees (minimum of 8 weeks) any time from the end of April to the end of October are £10.00pw.
Standard caravan pitch tariff applies except if you want to stay for 5 nights or more, then we will deduct your storage fee for that week.
For a charge of £5.00, we will also tow your caravan to your pitch & return it to store after your visit.

Please note.  You must give us plenty of notice if you want to book a Bank Holiday weekend as these quickly become fully booked.