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Liturgical Music of Shaar Hashamayim The "parent" site that includes this site and the Congregational Melodies site is located at the easy-to-remember

London Sephardi Congregational Melodies A sister site to this one, devoted to S&P melodies. Created by Eliot Alderman, Director of Music to the congregation. 

London Sephardi Music A site created by Rabbi Jonathan Cohen (creator of this site too), devoted to various aspects of London S&P liturgical music, including both melodies and recitatives, and commentary on custom and usage.

Video clips of the Choir of Shaar Hashamayim singing in Lauderdale Road Synagogue at a celebration concert in honour of their retiring choirmaster, Maurice Martin. The choirs of Bevis Marks and Lauderdale Road combined for this performance, and instead of singing from the Tebah, as they do for services, they stood in front of the Ark. This occasion provided a rare opportunity to record the pieces in their synagogue setting.

"A Sephardi Celebration" CD by the Choir of Shaar Hashamayim, available for sale.

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