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Version 2.41

- Report "Locators map" renamed to "Fields map".

- Displaying stations location on the map. Reports:

Beam heading
Fields map
CQ zones
ITU zones

Map "Field PM"

Map "Distance 5000-5500 km"

Map "Beam heading 320-329 degrees"

Link to map added in right column of report.

- Report 'Locators list' removed.

- In "Callsign structure" report added column "Example".

- In settings file sh5.ini may be manually added command active.mode. Possible values - CW, RTTY, SSB, FM and BTH. Default value - BTH (any mode), if selected other value (mode) the program will load in only QSOs with that mode and reject others.

- WARC bands in ChartsFrequencies report.

- Processing of big logs - few hundreds of thousands QSOs.

- Removed report "Second Radio Qs".