SH5 v.2.xx is easy to use contest log analyzer which creates a variety of statistics in HTML format from the Cabrillo format log and allows you to upload this data to your WEB site for public access.

Windows ME / NT4 / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.

  * Download and unzip archive.
  * Run setup file sh5_setup_%version%.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.

Run uninstall.exe in SH5 directory. Or
  * Open the Windows Control Panel.
  * Select "Uninstall a Program".
  * Find SH5 in the list of programs and double click on it.
  * Click the "Close" button in the SH5 Uninstall window to start process of uninstalling.

  * Run sh5.exe (or SH5 shortcut on Desktop).
  * Click Open log button. In Open dialog window select Cabrillo log file, file with *.cbr or *.log extension. To open log you can also just drag-and-drop it into the program.
  * After opening of the log, the program will automatically begin the procedure for processing of the file. It just takes a few seconds (typically less than a second).
  * Click Show button in SH5. Will be running internet browser with home (main) page of the statistics files.
  * Statistics files are saved in SH5 statistic files directory - %APPDATA%\SH5\statistics\.

Upload reports to WEB site
You may upload statistics HTML files to your WEB site: 
  * Set FTP connection parameters in Settings window. 
  * Click FTP button. 
  * In new window click Upload button. Wait transfer complete. 
  * After uploading click Check button. 
SH5 will create such URL on your site: 'http://your_web_site_address/sh5/your_callsign/year_of_the_contest/year_contestname_callsign/'  

Unregistered version has limited functionality - processing of only first 200 QSOs. You may register your copy of SH5 by using "Share-it!" online ordering system - One-time registration applies to all curent and future versions of SH5 - lifetime license.

Use "Update files" top-right menu in main SH5 window for update of SH5 files and for check of new available SH5 versions.