Revision history

Version 2.11 
  * Registered users can specify their locators through Settings -> My locator. If value of CALLSIGN key word in Cabrillo log is the same as the callsign of registered user will be used specified by user locator. In unregistered version program will use calculated locator (less accurate). 
  * Redesign of Graphs report. 
  * New report - Mosaic. 
Version 2.12 
  * Access key for each left menu items - first letter of link name. 
  * New report - Sunspot numbers. 
  * Information about Last version in SH5 info report. 
Version 2.13 
  * Customize the appearance of the reports - Settings -> CSS style file. 
  * Updated ak.indices file. 
  * Detailed information when clicking on country name in DXCC countries window. 
Version 2.14 
  * Increased maximum number of dupes from 512 to 5000. 
Version 2.15 
  * Changed format of sh5.master file. 
  * New report - Possible errors. 
  * Updated ak.indices file. 
Version 2.16 
  * Possibility to add callsigns to the program master base. You may create master.txt file in SH5 directory and add new callsigns in this file, one callsign for each line. 
  * Links to in Main and Operators pages. 
  * Advanced callsigns search in Possible errors report. 
Version 2.17 
  * New reports - Charts. Charts in this section created with {Google Chart API} service. 
  * Changed format of SSN-A-K indexes file. File renamed to ssnak.indices. File may be updated from {}. After download place this file in the SH5 directory. 
  * In Sunspot numbers added information about A indexes. 
  * Graphs report moved to  Qs by hour section. 
  * New report - Locators list. Report generate *.wkd files whiches may be loaded to {DX Atlas} to view worked grid squires. 
Version 2.19 
  * Processing frequency with leading zero. 
Version 2.20 
  * Support of VHF contests. 
  * New report - Second Radio Qs - shows contacts that was made on second radio. 
Version 2.21 
  * Changed upload method. 
  * New settings - Remote dir (root directory on the FTP server), Passed QSOs window (in minutes), Second radio QSOs window (in minutes), Break time duration (in minutes). 
  * Changed the method of scaling in Qs by hour graphs. 
Version 2.22 
  * New menu item - "Update files". Intended to update the files used by SH5. 
  * New column - "Countries" - in "Summary" report. 
Version 2.23 
  * Antivirus false alert - fixed. 
Version 2.24 
  * New report - KML Files. KML files are used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as {Google Earth}. 
  * Extended Charts report. 
  * Recenytly opened files in main menu. 
  * Changed format of sh5.master. 
Version 2.25 
  * Links to propagation prediction sevice in "Countries" report. 
  * Statistics folder changed to "%APPDATA%\SH5\statistics\". 
Version 2.26 
  * Bugs fixes. 
  * KML files: breakdown by continents and countries. 
Version 2.27 
  * New report - Countries by time. 
Version 2.30 
  * New report - Log. 
  * Links for detailed information in Rates, Countries, Distance and Beam heading reports. 
  * Log report and detailed information can be disabled by new setting "Include log". 
  * Best 10 minutes report is removed. 
Version 2.31 
  * Added column Bands in Countries report. 
  * Search in Log. 
  * Links for detailed information in Continents, CQ zones and ITU zones reports. 
  * Aligned charts in  Qs by hour reports group.