Hall Information

Main Hall

The main hall is a large space which can accomodate up to 200 people maximum. The hall incorporates a raised stage at one end and is suitable for events such as concerts, parties and indoor sports.

Women's and men's toilets and changing rooms are adjacent to the hall. There is also a disabled toilet.

The John Orme Room adjoins the main hall and if both rooms are in use, double doors may be opened to allow free access between the rooms.

Wifi is available throughout the hall.

Access to stage spotlights is available for a small fee and may be arranged when booking the hall.

Hall Dimensions

Width 9.7 m

Length (to stage) 16.5 m

Height 3.6 m

Stage width 6 m

Stage depth 4 m

Stage height 1m

John Orme Room

The John Orme Room is licenced for 50 people and is suitable for small parties and meetings. The room may be hired at weekends only in combination with the main hall. A set of double doors open on to the main hall.

John Orme Room Dimensions

Width 4.8m

Length 9.5m



The kitchen area is fitted with two cookers, a small fridge and free standing water heater.

Tables & Chairs

The following folding tables are available for use.

Approx 36 size 152cm x 76cm (5ft x 2' 6")

Approx 17 size 76cm x 76cm (2'6" x 2'6")

There are approx 200 chairs.

Please pack away tables and chairs after use according to the instructions in the hall. If using the store cupboard do not obstruct the doors. When storing tables and chairs next to the stage, please ensure the fire exit is not blocked.