Half Marathon Route

The 2023 route will be the same as last year - 2 laps of the 10k route (with an additional out and back section to make up the extra 1097.5 metres).

Not everyone realizes that as you cross from Wales to England you do in fact cross over two bridges. The Wye Bridge and the Severn Bridge. The Wye Bridge is of a 'cable-stay' design very much like the Second Severn Crossing whilst the 'Old Severn Bridge is of a suspension design. There are also a further two 'dykes', making a total of 4 bridges altogether.

The start (at 9:30am) is on the eastern carriageway of the M48 motorway in between the Wye and Severn Bridges, above Beachley Barracks. You access the start by walking from the event village down the M48 J2 off-slip then along the western carriage way. At a marshaled point you cross the central barrier to the eastern carriageway and proceed westwards a short distance to approach the start line from behind.

The race starts by heading off back towards J2 on the eastern carriageway. After approx 1km (very close to the J2 roundabout) you turn 180 degrees and head back the way you came, past where you started and all the way over both bridges to the far end at J1 (Aust). At J1 you turn 180 degrees again and after a short distance then head down the slip road to the J1 roundabout. Here you access the pedestrian accessway on the north side of the bridge. The route runs along the accessway all the way back over the bridges towards J2 (Chepstow). You pass from the accessway onto the slip road from J2 via a gate, and then down to the motorway again. A short section from the end of the slip road westwards leads back to the turn around point you visited at the start of the race. From here you proceed on your 2nd lap.

When you've completed your 2nd lap and arrive back at the Chepstow end near J2, instead of running onto the motorway again via the gate, you instead pass under the motorway via an underpass which then leads to a footpath, the event village and the finish just below the J2 roundabout.