I have published 13 papers in JCR journals (with a total of 195 citations according to the ISI Web of Knowledge data base, 223 in Scopus), 2 book chapters (3 citations according to Bookmetrix) and 2 papers in indexed non-JCR journals. My JCR h-index is 7.

Google Scholar metrics: 434 citations, h-index: 8.

Links are given to the publications where the research items are published. If you cannot access the journal from your institution, you can download the free post-print indicated at the end of the publication details.

Papers in JCR journals

  1. Solving the uncapacitated multiple allocation hub location problem by means of a dual-ascent techique, L. Cánovas, S. García, and A. Marín. European Journal of Operational Research 179 (3): 990-1007 (2007). Download.
  2. A strengthened formulation for the simple plant location problem with order, L. Cánovas, S. García, M. Labbé ,and A. Marín. Operations Research Letters 35 (2): 141-150 (2007). Download.
  3. Solving large p-median problems with a radius formulation, S. García, M. Labbé, and A. Marín. INFORMS Journal on Computing 23 (4): 546-556 (2011). Download. There is also an online supplement.
  4. New formulation and a branch-and-cut algorithm for the multiple allocation p-hub median problem, S. García, M. Landete, and A. Marín. European Journal of Operational Research 220 (1): 48-57 (2012). Download.
  5. Probability chains: a general linearization technique for modeling reliability in facility location and related problems, J.R. O'Hanley, M.P. Scaparra, and S. García. European Journal of Operational Research 230 (1): 63-75 (2013). Download.
  6. A mixed integer model for clustering with variable selection, S. Benati and S. García. Computers & Operations Research 43: 280-285 (2014). Download.
  7. The table placement problem: a research challenge at the EWI 2007, S. García, V. Cacchiani, L. Vanhaverbeke, and M. Bischoff. TOP 22: 208-226 (2014). Download.
  8. A randomized granular tabu search heuristic for the split delivery vehicle routing problem, L. Berbotto, S. García, and F.J. Nogales. Annals of Operations Research 222 (1): 153-173 (2014). Download.
  9. Mixed integer linear programming and heuristic methods for feature selection in clustering. S. Benati, S. García, and J. Puerto. Journal of the Operational Research Society 69 (9):1379-1395 (2018). Download.
  10. Simplification of inclusion-exclusion on intersections of unions with application to network systems reliability. L. Schäfer, S. García, and V. Srithammavanh. Reliability Engineering & System Safety 173:23--33 (2018). Download.
  11. Redundancy system design for an aircraft door management system. L. Schäfer, S. García, A. Mitschke, and V. Srithammavanh. Computers & Operations Research 94:11--22 (2018). Download.
  12. GOLDEN OPEN ACCESS: Mathematical models for stable matching problems with ties and incomplete lists M. Delorme, S. García, J. Gondzio, J. Kalcsics, D. Manlove, and W. Petterson. European Journal of Operational Research 277 (2):426-441 (2019). Download.
  13. GOLDEN OPEN ACCESS Congress seat allocation using mathematical optimization. R. Hales and S. García. TOP 27 (3):426-455 (2019).

Papers in indexed non-JCR journals

1. Un pequeño modelo de Programación Lineal Entera Mixta para la toma de decisiones en la empresa (in Spanish), S. García. Boletín de Estadística e Investigación Operativa 17 (4), 3-8 (2001).

2. Location with preferences (text in Spanish), S. García. Boletín de Estadística e Investigación Operativa 26 (3), 192-207 (2010).

Chapters in books

1. Localización de concentradores (in Spanish), L. Cánovas, S. García and A. Marín. In Avances en localización de servicios y sus aplicaciones, Blas Pelegrín (editor). Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Murcia, 35-58 (2005). ISBN: 84-8371-507-4.

2. Covering location problems, Sergio García and Alfredo Marín. In Location Science, Gilbert Laporte, Stefan Nickel and Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama (editors), 93-114. Springer (2015). Download.