Professor Seng W. Loke

BIT,BSc(Hons) (ANU), PhD (1998) (Melb)

Co-Director of the IoT Platforms and Applications Lab

Centre for Internet of Things Ecosystem Research and Experimentation (CITECORE),

School of Information Technology,

Deakin University (Burwood Campus),

221 Burwood Highway,

Victoria 3125,

Melbourne, Australia.


Office Location: Building T, Level 2.

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Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, La Trobe University, Bundoora, VIC 3086, Australia. (Melbourne)


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Brief Bio

I am Professor (Level E, Full) in Computer Science at the School of Information Technology in Deakin University. I was Reader and Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology in La Trobe University. I led the Pervasive Computing Lab at La Trobe, and have authored 'Context-Aware Pervasive Systems: Architectures for a New Breed of Applications' published by Auerbach (CRC Press), Dec 2006, and more recently authored 'Crowd-Powered Mobile Computing and Smart Things' published by Springer (2017). I completed my PhD in 1998 at the University of Melbourne, and the BSc (1st class Hons) in 1994 at the Australian National University winning a University Medal in Computer Science. I was an Honorary Associate of the Centre for Distributed Systems and Software Engineering, Monash University for several years (2006-2011).

My research has mainly been in pervasive (ubiquitous) computing and mobile computing, Internet of Things (IoT), focusing on issues concerning systems and information, with current emphases on complex cooperation among Things (including urban robots, smart vehicles viewed as smart things, i.e. Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Drones, Internet of *), crowd-powered mobile computing, mobile Big Data, mobile Big Systems, the social impact of technology innovation, Mobile/Physical Web/Cloud development, and how they might interact. Some of my work can be categorised under cyber-physical systems.

Recent problems/challenges I have been looking into as the Internet of Things move to the complex Internet of Cooperative Autonomous Things (or Artificial Intelligence for/in Things), include:

  • emergent coordination in smart cities for IoT: intelligent decentralised and opportunistic cooperation for autonomous vehicles/things/robots over v2v/t2t communication: their benefits and issues

  • drone-services: one or more autonomous drones cooperating to provide services to people

  • trusted complex networks of autonomous IoT devices (including issues of privacy, security, and risks for things on the ground and in the Air, i.e., drones/UAVs)

  • context-aware services and matching algorithms for open social environments with dynamic and real-time constraints

  • cooperative multi-node mobile sensor data analytics for human activity recognition and activity recognition services for humans and machines

  • ethics, trust, safety, and risks in the IoT

I am also very much interested in inter-disciplinary (trans-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary, anti-disciplinary) research, with some of my current and previous projects involving the applications of IT (and IoT) in smart city, and other sectors such as health, agriculture, transport, ecology, and energy.

My research has been supported by organizations such as the Australian Research Council, the AutoCRC, the Australian Army, and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, and companies such as Alibaba. My work has been on a range of topics:

  • mobile cloud and services computing

  • mobile crowd computing, crowdsensing, crowdsourcing, with applications in Smart Cities and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  • distributed algorithms and complex systems in the mobile environment

  • context-aware mobile applications in mobile health, pervasive advertising, and ITS

  • activity recognition via mobile sensing

  • mobile interaction with users, spaces, and information; mobile experience engineering

  • software engineering for mobile applications; programming models and abstractions; performance engineering; resource/energy-aware software

  • mobile augmented reality and physical annotations; cross-reality environments and visualizations

  • smart (mobile) things, and the Internet/Web-of-Things

  • AI reasoning about Big social/stream Data arising in pervasive computing environments and its applications

I have (co-)authored more than 300 research publications including over 75 journal papers, over 10 book chapters, and over 190 conference/workshop papers, with numerous work on context-aware computing, and mobile and pervasive computing. I have been on the program committee of numerous conferences/workshops in the area, including Pervasive'08 and Percom'10 (and 2011). My research has been published in journals such as IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles, IEEE Pervasive, Knowledge Engineering Review, Pervasive and Mobile Computing Journal (Elsevier), ACM Computing Surveys, IEEE Transactions on SMC, IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, The Computer Journal (OUP), Future Generation Computer Systems, MONET, Journal of Systems and Software, Expert Systems and Applications, Journal of Network and Computer Applications and Theory and Practice of Logic Programming. I have also published in leading conferences in the pervasive, middleware, and services computing areas including Percom (CORE ranking: A), International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC) (CORE ranking: A), Mobiquitous (CORE ranking A), International Conference on Web Services (CORE ranking A), HICSS (CORE ranking: A), and Middleware (CORE ranking: A).

For more, please see my always-slightly-out-of-date CV.


View my books below or my publications as a list (more PDFs coming, email me if you need copies of papers);


in DBLP under the names of either Seng Wai Loke or Seng W. Loke (just union the results from both);


take a look at what Semantic Scholar has on me;


in Google Scholar (many with links to PDFs)


Recent news

2021 news:

2020 news:

  • Our grant application to the Australia-Japan Foundation, led by my colleague Dr. Adnan Anwar, "Deakin-JAIST Collaborative Cybersecurity Training and Innovation for IoT-Enabled Critical Infrastructure" has been successful!

  • In the light of recent aged care problems, what are the issues in deploying robots to help check up on Seniors in aged care? Take a look a our (Amna Batool, S.W. Loke, Niroshinie Fernando and Jonathan Kua) paper entitled "Towards a System for Aged Care Centres based on Multiuser–Multidevice Interactions in IoT Collectives" accepted at a Mobiquitous 2020 Workshop)! (PDF preprint to come; take a look at Amna's prototype using Temi robots here)

  • Can one hack from IoT devices into the Smart Grid? Our (Tan Duy Le, Mengmeng Ge, Phan The Duy, Hien Do Hoang, Adnan Anwar, S.W. Loke, Razvan Beuran, and Yasuo Tan) paper entitled "CVSS Based Attack Analysis using a Graphical Security Model: Review and Smart Grid Case Study" just accepted at the 4th EAI International Conference on Smart Grid and Internet of Things conference (SGIoT) provides a perspective! (See PDF preprint)

  • Do vehicles that cooperate pose a risk to society and how can we address this? Our (A. Aliedani, S.W. Loke, and S. Glasier) paper entitled "Robust Cooperative Car-Parking: Implications and Solutions for Selfish Inter-Vehicular Social Behaviour" has been accepted for publication in the journal Human-Centric Computing and Information Sciences! (See PDF preprint here or go to publications)

  • How can one learn about cyber attacks on smart grids? Our (Tan Duy Le, Adnan Anwar, S.W. Loke, Razvan Beuran, and Yasuo Tan) paper entitled "GridAttackSim: Cyber Attack Simulation Framework for Smart Grids" has been accepted for publication in the journal Electronics (MDPI)! (See it here or go to publications)

  • How can one do crowdsourcing over peer-to-peer smartphone-based Bluetooth networks? And what is a good algorithm to do this? Take a look at our (Jurairat and myself) paper entitled "Iterative Spatial Crowdsourcing in Peer-to-Peer Opportunistic Networks" accepted for publication in the journal Electronics (MDPI)! (See it here or go to publications)

  • I am now officially an ACM Distinguished Speaker!

  • What is the future of drone services? What needs to happen before drone services will become a reality? Have a look at our (with Dr. Majed Alwateer) paper entitled "Emerging Drone Services: Challenges and Societal Issues" has appeared in the IEEE Technology and Society Magazine! (See it here or go to publications)

  • On Academic Study Leave from Feb to Aug 2020, as a Visiting Fellow at QUT, Brisbane (virtual, due to Covid-19)

  • I was pleasantly surprised and humbled to have received the Deakin School of Information Technology's 2019 "Research Impact Award":

  • How can multiple robots, multiple humans coordinate and cooperate on-demand in urban applications? Have a look at our paper (with Amin Abken and Niroshinie Fernando) entitled "Towards an Edge-Cloud Platform for Multirobot-Multihuman Cooperation in Urban IoT Ecosystems" has been accepted for Percom 2020! (Go to publications)

- a figure from the paper:

2019 news:

  • Our paper has been accepted! Le, Tan Duy, Anwar, Adnan, Beuran, Razvan and Loke, Seng W. 2019, Smart Grid Co-Simulation Tools: Review and Cybersecurity Case Study, in icSmartGrid 2019 : Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Smart Grid, IEEE, Piscataway, N.J., pp. 39-45, doi: 10.1109/icSmartGrid48354.2019.8990712.

  • Our ARC Discovery Project (led by Prof. Arkady Zaslavsky, with A/Prof. Prem Jayaraman, and Prof. Christian Becker) on Adaptive context caching for fast concurrent access in Internet of Things has been funded!

  • Thanks to Shubham Jindal, Temis can take you on a tour! Demonstrated on Open Day, Deakin University.

Start page: press “start tour” & start following Temi :)

At a location: click to continue

At another location: end here...

  • Our paper (Qingyi Zhu, myself, Rolando Trujillo-Rasua, Frank Jiang and Yong Xiang) entitled "Applications of Distributed Ledger Technologies to the Internet of Things: a Survey" has been accepted for ACM Computing Surveys! Full version available soon.

    • Our paper (with Majed Alwateer, Niroshinie Fernando) entitled "Enabling Drone Services: Drone Crowdsourcing and Drone Scripting" has been accepted for IEEE Access! Full version available.

  • Temis arrived...! See one here with a "slightly customized" Android app:

temi robot
  • HEXA arrived and now in action - thanks to Shafi and Ranjith!

  • Robin, myself and others got an Automotive Engineering Graduate Program grant on

  • "Cyber-Safe Connected Vehicles: Ensuring Secure, Trusted, and Robust Cooperative Automotive Systems".

    • Our (Niroshinie Fernando, myself, Iman Avazpour, Fei-Fei Chen, Amin Abkenar, and Amani Ibrahim) paper on "Opportunistic Fog for IoT: Challenges and Opportunities" has been accepted in IEEE Internet of Things Journal! Complete version will be available soon!


  • My paper on "Cooperative Automated Vehicles: a Review of Opportunities and Challenges in Socially Intelligent Vehicles Beyond Networking" has been accepted in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles!

    • See the full preprint here.

IEEE Access

See the full paper here.

  • Our (Amin, myself, Arkady, and Wenny) paper on "GARSAaaS: group activity recognition and situation analysis as a service" has been just published for the Journal of Internet Services and Applications! Please view the full paper here. Front page of paper here:

2018 news:

  • Three friends have arrived!

  • Our (Jurairat and myself) paper on "A Review of Mobile Crowdsourcing Architectures and Challenges: Towards Crowd-Empowered Internet-of-Things" has been accepted for IEEE Access!

  • Congratulations to Dr. Amin BakhshandehAbkenar on his PhD!

  • Our (Majed, myself and Alex) paper on "Drone Services: Issues in Drones for Location-Based Services from Human-Drone Interaction to Information Processing" has been just accepted for the Journal of Location Based Services! (details to come)

  • Our (Amin, myself, Arkady, and Wenny) paper on "Recognizing and Understanding Group Physical Activities using Multi-Device Embedded Sensing" has been just accepted for the ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems! (details to come)

  • I gave a talk on the Future of the Internet of Things in the School of IT, Deakin University - slides here.

  • Paper recently accepted for the Fourth International Workshop on Legal and Technical Issues in Cloud and Pervasive Computing (IoT) (CLaw 2018) at Ubicomp'18, Oct 2018, Singapore!

Please click on the image above or find the full preprint in my publications.

  • Our recent paper on "Cooperative Car Parking using Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication: an Agent-Based Analysis" has been accepted for the journal Computers, Environment and Urban Systems - look for it under my publications

  • Our recent book chapter on "Evolving Variability Requirements of IoT Systems" has been published - look for it under my publications

  • Congratulations to Dr. Osama M. Barzaiq on his PhD!

  • I co-coordinate the Distributed Systems and Internet-of-Things (DIoT) Cluster at Deakin: we try to have regular meetings and chat about all things IoT - see the blog! (It should have its own "official" Deakin Web page soon!)

  • Our recent paper on "Algorithmic Governance" accepted for the IEEE Technology & Society Magazine, and recent papers on cooperative parking and cooperative drop-off accepted at the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium and IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles - details here (click on link and scroll up):

  • I presented a tutorial on "Algorithms for Cooperative IoT: From Edge Computing to Smart Social Vehicles" at the 2018 IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) - slides are here

    • Recently, three IoT related papers accepted at the 2018 IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT), and two at the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things: Smart Innovation and Usages in 2018 - look for it under my publications

2017 news:

  • Our ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Grant (LE180100158) to create "A large-scale distributed experimental facility for the internet of things" has been awarded! (Co-investigators: Professor Michael Sheng; Professor Athman Bouguettaya; Professor Seng Loke; Professor Xue Li; Professor Weifa Liang; Professor Boualem Benatallah; Professor Muhammad Ali-Babar; Professor Jian Yang; Professor Albert Zomaya; Associate Professor Yan Wang; Professor Wanlei Zhou; Dr Lina Yao; Dr Kerry Taylor; Professor Neil Bergmann)

  • I am an invited editorial board member of the journal Services.

  • My article on ethical cooperation for self-driving cars has appeared in the Conversation.

This SpringerBrief provides a synergistic overview of technology trends by emphasizing five linked perspectives: crowd+cloud machines, extreme cooperation with smart things, scalable context-awareness, drone services for mobile crowds and social links in mobile crowds. The authors also highlight issues and challenges at the intersection of these trends.

Topics covered include cooperative vehicles when vehicles are viewed as smart things, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile and wearable computing, crowd computing, the culture of thing sharing, collective computing, and swarm dynamics. The brief is a useful resource and a starting point for researchers, students or anyone interested in the contemporary computing landscape.

  • Check out some recently accepted papers!

  • Since 9 January 2017, I have moved to Deakin University as Professor of Computer Science. If you are a prospective student interested in working with me, please apply to Deakin: apply to Deakin.

2016 news:



  • SIT740 R&D in IT (FutureLearn, Trimester 2)

  • SIT740 R&D in IT (FutureLearn, Trimester 3)


  • SIT750 Mastery of IT (Trimester 3)

  • SIT740 R&D in IT (FutureLearn, Trimester 2)


  • SIT111 Algorithms & Computing Systems (Trimester 1)

  • SIT322 Cloud Systems (Trimester 1)


  • SIT111 Algorithms & Computing Systems (Trimester 1)

  • SIT322 Cloud Systems (Trimesters 1)

  • SIT740 R&D in IT (FutureLearn, Trimester 3)


  • SIT111 Introduction to Computer Science (Trimester 1)

  • SIT791 Professional Practice (Trimesters 1, 2 and 3)

  • SIT740 R&D in IT (FutureLearn, Trimester 3)

2016(@La Trobe)

  • CSE2ICE Internet Client Engineering (Semester 1)

  • CSE2MAD Mobile Application Development (Semester 2) [Coordinator only]

  • CSE4ASD Advanced Systems Design (Semester 2)

  • CSE4MPC Mobile and Pervasive Computing (Semester 2)

2015(@La Trobe)

· CSE2ICE Internet Client Engineering (Semester 1)

· CSE4ASD Advanced Systems Design (Semester 2)

· CSE4MPC Mobile and Pervasive Computing (Semester 2)

2014(@La Trobe)

· On OSP (Semester 1)

· CSE4ASD Advanced Systems Design (Semester 2) (cancelled)

· CSE4MPC Mobile and Pervasive Computing (Semester 2)

2013(@La Trobe)

· CSE2ICE Internet Client Engineering (Semester 1)

· CSE4ASD Advanced Systems Design (Semester 1)

· CSE4MPC Mobile and Pervasive Computing (Semester 2)

2012(@La Trobe)

· CSE2ICE Internet Client Engineering (Semester 1)

· CSE5BMS Biometrics Security (Semester 2) (cancelled)

· CSE4MPC Mobile and Pervasive Computing (Semester 2)

2011(@La Trobe)

· CSE2ICE Internet Client Engineering (Semester 1)

· CSE4ASD Advanced Systems Design (Semester 1)

· CSE4MPC Mobile and Pervasive Computing (Semester 2)


Current PhD Projects and Supervision:

  • Amna Batool (PhD - Deakin University), Human Interaction with IoT Collectives, co-supervise with Niroshinie Fernando, my role (principal)

  • Kanaka Sai Jagarlamudi (PhD - Deakin University), Quality and Cost of Context, co-supervise with Arkady Zaslavsk (principal), my role (associate)

  • Norhaida Hussain (PhD - University of Malaysia Sarawak, UNIMAS), Crowd Steering for Mobile Crowd Evacuation, co-supervise with Dr. Wai Shiang Cheah (principal), my role (external, associate)

  • Reza Bairam Zadeh (PhD - Deakin University), Situation-Awareness, co-supervise with Arkady Zaslavsky, my role (associate)

  • Yuechao Ren (PhD - Deakin University), Federated Learning for IoT Environments, co-supervise with Attul Sajjanhar and Shang Gao, my role (associate)

  • Mohamed Ahzam Amanullah (PhD - Deakin University), Cybersecurity for connected vehicles, co-supervise with Robin Doss and Mohan B. Chhetri, my role (principal)

  • ... (more to come)

Recently completed PhD Students:

  • Majed Alwateer (2019) (PhD - La Trobe University), Civilian Drone Services: Concept, Strategies and Experimentation, co-supervise with Wenny Rahayu, my role (external, principal)

  • Amin Abken (2018) (PhD - Deakin University), Group Activity Recognition and Analysis: Concept, Model and Service Architecture, co-supervise with Arkady Zaslavsky and Wenny Rahayu, my role (principal)

  • Ali Nabeel Ibrahim Aliedani (2018) (PhD - La Trobe University), Vehicular Cooperation for Car-Parking: Model, Algorithms, and Experimentation, co-supervise with Aniruddha Desai and Prajakta Desai (and later Wenny Rahayu), my role (external, principal)

  • Osama M. Barzaiq (2018) (PhD - La Trobe University), Context-aware Prediction of Human Behaviour Based on Self-Histories: Algorithms and Applications, co-supervised with Hongen Lu, my role (principal)

  • Jiahui Wen (2017) (PhD - University of Queensland), Mobile Activity Recognition with Dynamically Added Context, co-supervised with Jadwiga Indulska and Peizhao Hu, my role (associate supervisor, 20%)

  • Jurairat Phuttharak (2016) (PhD - La Trobe University), LogicCrowd: Integrating Logic Programming and Crowdsourcing for Mobile and Pervasive Computing Platforms, co-supervised with Richard Lai, my role (principal)

  • Niroshinie Thotage Fernando (2015) (PhD - La Trobe University), co-supervised with Wenny Rahayu, my role (principal)

  • Prajakta Aniruddha Desai (2014) (PhD - La Trobe University), co-supervised with Jack Singh, my role (principal)

  • Chuong Cong Vo (2014) (PhD - La Trobe University), co-supervised with Torab Torabi, my role (50%)

  • Alaa Almagrabi (2014) (PhD - La Trobe University), co-supervised with Torab Torabi, my role (principal)

  • Ahmad Alzahrani (2014) (PhD - La Trobe University), co-supervised with Hongen Lu, my role (principal)

  • Do Manh Thang (2013) (PhD - La Trobe University), co-supervised with Fei Liu, my role (50%)

  • Kutila Gunasekera (2012) (PhD - Monash University), co-supervised with Arkady Zaslavsky, my role (minor, 10%)

  • Anh-Tuan Nguyen (2011) (PhD - La Trobe University), co-supervised with Torab Torabi, my role (principal)

2010 and earlier:

  • Shonali Krishnaswamy (2002, PhD - Monash University), A Hybrid Model for Delivering Internet-Based Distributed Data Mining Services, co-supervised with Arkady Zaslavsky, my role (50%)

  • Amir Padovitz (2006, PhD - Monash University), Context Management and Reasoning about Situations in Pervasive Computing, co-supervised with Arkady Zaslavsky, my role (50%) - You can view the PhD thesis here: Open publication

  • Glen Jayaputera (2006, PhD - Monash University), eHermes: Development and Run-Time Support for Mission-Based Multiagent Systems, co-supervised with Arkady Zaslavsky, my role (50%)

  • Evi Syukur (2007, PhD - Monash University), Mobile Hanging Services: Modelling, Implementation and Methodology for Context-Aware Regulated Services, co-supervised with Arkady Zaslavsky (later years) and Peter Stanski (for first year), my role (main: 50%+) - You can view the PhD thesis here: Open publication

  • Pravin Shetty (2007, MSc (Research) - Monash University), An Investigation of Security Policy Formalisms for Pervasive Computing Environments, co-supervised with Christine Mingins, my role (main)

  • Mehul Bhatt (2008, PhD - La Trobe University), Modelling Dynamic Spatial Systems in the Situation Calculus, my role (main) [now an Alexander von Humbolt Postdoctoral Fellow in Germany]

  • Ying Li (2008, PhD - Monash University), Data Handling in Wireless Sensor Networks for Query Answering, co-supervised with M. Ramakrishna, my role (minor, 20%)

  • Flora D. Salim (2009, PhD - Monash University), A Context-Aware Framework for Intersection Collision Avoidance, co-supervised with Shonali Krishnaswamy, Andry Rakotonirainy and Bala Srinivasan, my role (shared) [now a Researcher at the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL), School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University]

  • Khai Chong Suan (2009, PhD - Monash University), Context-Driven Control of Sensors for Energy Conservation, co-supervised with Shonali Krishnaswamy, my role (shared: 50%)

  • Wanita Sherchan (2009, PhD - Monash University), Explanation-Aware Web Service Rating and Reputation, co-supervise with Shonali Krishnaswamy, my role (shared)

  • Oshadi Alahakoon (2009, PhD - Monash University), Three Layered User Profiles for E-Commerce, co-supervise with Arkady Zaslavsky, my role (shared)

  • Samantha Chen (2010, PhD - Queensland University of Technology), Risks for Crashes at Curves, co-supervise with Andry Rakotonirainy and Shonali Krishnaswamy, my role (minor, 10%)

Recently completed Masters minor thesis / Honours Students (all below at La Trobe University):

  • Moises Dionisio Cruz (2016), A Pragmatic Investigation Into Beacon Based Indoor Positioning, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Alexander Zuchowicz (2016), Human Interaction with Drones: an Investigation, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Ameet Kumar (2015), An Approach to Decentralized Leader Election in Pervasive Computing Environments, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Batni Prabhanjan (2015), GuideMate: an Integrated Crowd Powered System to Assist the Disabled, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Abeysinghe Achchige Don Venura Sasanka Abeysinghe (2014), Programming Virtual Boxes for Drones, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Majed Alwateer (2014), WiFi Positioning using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Applications for Finding Targets in Disaster Scenario, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Nick Waywood (2014), An Investigation of Sensor Based Activity Recognition using Unsupervised Learning for Precision Agriculture, my role (main supervisor, cosupervise with Wenny Rahayu)

  • Keegan Napier (2013), A Linear Topology for Mobile Crowd Computing Systems, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Abdulaziz Alali (2013), Proximity Sensing and Power Management, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Amin BakhshandehAbkenar (2012), MyActivity: a Cloud-Hosted Ontology-Based Framework for Human Activity Querying, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Cindy on Show (2012), Activity Recognition and Human Computation, my role (sole supervisor)

  • An Nghi Vu (2012), ZOR: an Indoor Smart Phone Augmented Reality System Based on Bluetooth Technologies, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Fahad Zarouni (2011), PivotAds+: a System for Gesture-Based Interactive Public Advertising Multi-Displays, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Hamed Al Balushi (2011), Physical-Explorer: a Bluetooth-Based Real-Time Physical Search System using Mobile Phones, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Phuc (Eddy) Nguyen (2011), TRACE: a Cross-Reality System for Capturing Availability, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Guan Huang (2011), Displays with Gesture Based Easy-Computer Interaction, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Sultan R. Alotaibi (2011), Webco: a Framework for Building Web Sites with Adaptive Location-Aware Behaviour, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Muhanna M. AlGhamdi (2011), An RFID System for Children Tracking, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Naif Ali Al Mudawi (2011), A System for Fine-Grained Zone-Based Positioning using Bluetooth, my role (sole supervisor)

  • Deafallah B. Alsadie (2011), Gesture-Based Control of Applications using the iPhone, my role (sole supervisor)

Other Projects:

  • Mobile phone based diagnostic sensors for early diagnosis of sepsis: with Conor Hogan (Chemistry), Hamsa Puthalakath (Biochemistry), Darrell Elton (Electronic Engineering), Seng Loke, Berlinda Abbott (Chemsitry); Start-up Grant from the La Trobe RFA "Understanding Disease" 2015

  • Parkinson Freezing App: collaboration with Professor Meg Morri (School of Allied Health), Natali Stepan, and Amin BakhshandehAbkenar, 2014

  • Mobiles for Autism: collaboration with Thang Do (CSCE), and Cheryl Dissayanake, Wojciech Nadachowski, Elfriede Ihsen, and others from the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre at La Trobe; La Trobe eResearch Grant 2012/2013

  • La Trobe e-Sanctuary: collaboration with Dennis Deng (EE), Ka Chan (CSCE, Bendigo), Torab Torabi (CSCE), Henrik Wahren (Department of Agricultural Sciences), and Andrew Stocker (LTU Wildlife Sanctuary); La Trobe eResearch Grant 2013/2014

  • mSafe: collaboration with Falko Schmid (, Kai-Florian Richter (, Sara Fabrikant (, Stephan Winter (, Christoph Stahl (, Patrick Laube (, Robert Weibel (, Christian Freksa (, since 2012.

I am also interested in mobile education & health, programming the smart Internet-of-Things, and new HCI (using sensors)


Some apps my team has done:

OTHER information ..

[More Information (including past supervised PhD completions) | Slides for my departmental talk (30th July 2010) | What's recent? (My blog of interesting links) ]

Some venues with interesting work: ACM SIGMOBILE events, Percom, PMC, PUC, TMC, TCC, IEEE Pervasive Computing, AI, FGCS, KER, IEEE ITS, TKDE


  • External Reviewer for the European Research Council (ERC), Starting Grant 2020 Call.

  • External Reviewer for AIAS-Cofund II (Marie Curie) Fellowships (2018) and AIAS-Cofund II (EU Marie Curie) fellowships (2019)

  • External Reviewer for Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS)-Cofund (Marie Curie) fellowships (European Union’s 7th Framework Programme Marie Curie Actions) (2017)

  • External Reviewer for the Swiss National Science Foundation (2014)

  • External Reviewer for the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FONDECYT) Program, Chilean National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT), Chile (2013)

  • Asoociate Director (Research Training) at the Centre for Technology Infusion, La Trobe University (2012)

  • ERA Peer Reviewer (2012)

  • Selection Committee, Technology Voucher Program (2012) by the Department of Business and Innovation, Victorian Government

  • Postgraduate Research Coordinator, Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering (2011)

  • I was also a Qatar National Research Fund grant reviewer