The Ship

Built in 2360 by the Carlotti Commonwealth, the S.S. Seiklon Axel is an interstellar transport ship measuring 71.49 meters in length.  It is classified as a medium freighter in many star systems.  

The vessel has been through several owner/operators but is currently under command of Paul Ilias Gorgon, and has been since 2408.  "The Axel" as it is frequently called, has 7 decks, the lower 3 are all dedicated to cargo exclusively.  The remaining decks contain ship systems, crew berthing and social areas.  There are crew accomodations for up to 40 regular crewmen.  There are also two executive cabins for the Captain and ship's Executive Officer.

Following a refit sponsored by Griffen Drive Systems in 2413, the ship was fitted with newer engines, a more functional cargo bay, and landing gear, making it far more versatile than it had been previously.  

Axel maxes out at a top speed of Warp 8.8 with a usual cruise velocity of Warp 6.7.  For a freighter that's quick, but when someone wants your cargo, it's not fast enough.  For that reason, the Seiklon Axel has a mid-rated shield system, ablative armor panels, twin disruptor cannons, and dorsal phaser emitters for self defense.  

The ship has had it's share of shuttles.  At the present time it has the Zola, a used Kobali shuttle with a passenger capacity of 6, and a pair of one man Work Bee Cargo Management Units (CMUs).  

The crew of Axel is proud of their ship and work hard to keep her running even under the most adverse conditions.

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