It is the year 2415...

The Delta Quadrant has been overrun by Alpha Quadrant powers in the wake of the U.S.S. Voyager's journey home and the knowledge that the Borg are not quite the fearsome foe they once were.  

The Gerosh wormhole is the gateway by which this expansion has begun and it is guarded by The Starfleet's Sentinel Station in the Hope One Dyson Sphere.  A vast expanse of the Delta Quadrant now harbors 3 stations and numerous Starfleet vessels to protect territory claimed by the United Federation of Planets.

Not to be outdone, the Romulans and Cardassians have claimed their own piece of the quadrant.   

But with this expansion, other powers in the quadrant are in a state of unrest.  The Federation itself has recently seen its own schism.

Several key members of the admiralty have splintered off to form the Delta Freedom Alliance, taking their ships with them.  These men and women have joined with planetary governments to form a sort of protectorate, free of these expansionist tendencies.  Their goal is to hold the line.  They don't require planets in their region to adhere to the strict rules and policies of the Federation.  They seek cooperation for the purposes of protection and exploration.   These are the same goals held by the Star Fleet of old.

A region known as the Homelands nestles between the Federation and DFA territories.  Here, the planets are generally small, backwater worlds with little to give and little interest in the political machinations of outsiders.   

This is the home of the Seiklon Axel and it's crew.   Axel's crew seeks to earn a living on the fringe of settled space by carrying cargo between worlds both small and large.  

Life can be harsh here...and unpredictable, but there is opportunity for those either brave or stupid enough to seek it.  

Captain Paul Gorgon and his crew fit one or the other of those descriptions.  Some might say, BOTH.


Delta Quadrant Map (Late 2412)

The Homelands

Seri Star System