Seiklon Axel - The axis of a rotating galaxy created by the counterbalanced jets emanating from a black hole.  

The ship, Seiklon Axel, is a multi-purpose freighter/transport capable of carrying out towing and salvage missions and available for hire by...pretty much anyone, no questions asked.   The crew is an ever changing blend of drifters and adventurers led by Captain Elias P., who has been a boomer nearly all his life.  

The rules they live by are their own.  No Prime Directive, no governmental allegiances other than what works for them at the time and the contracts that they sign.  

The sim is designed for those that want to play characters in the Star Trek Universe, but not necessarily play a Starfleet officer or other duty bound character.  

To provide even more play-ability we have created a second ship, the S.S. Albatross, with a similar style, but on different missions.  

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities, please feel free to browse this website and consider applying to join our game. 

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Looking At The Bigger Picture

Seiklon Axel is a proud member of the Star Trek: Borderlands family of Play by Email Sims, which have been active since 1993.  

We are currently partnering with Outpost Hope One, which is one of our founding groups.

But if neither of these fine sims is for you, there are more to choose from.

Seiklon Axel

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In Other News:

SS Seiklon Axel proudly endorses Star Trek: Renegades

Special Thanks To:

Rich LeValley for Original Site Content and Layout, Site Owner

Jonathan Moore for the 2012 Website Redesign, 
Axel Interiors, and many of our graphics.  


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