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We are a Star Trek PBEM RPG group, that has been in existence since 2006.  We fill a  unique niche in Star Trek because we don't comply with all the norms of Trekdom.  Our stories take place on a civilian ship operating from Sentinel Station, one of the first fixed bases of the Federation's 25th century Delta Quandrant expansion.

The rules of Star Fleet are not our rules.  We are free...

Our aim is to appeal to those who may not want to play a character on a Federation Starship but still love Star Trek.  We draw inspiration from Star Trek, Firefly, and The Orville, as well as other great ship based scifi franchises past and present.  We aim to misbehave and to have fun within the Star Trek: Borderlands Universe.  

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The SS Axel is a proud member of the Star Trek: Borderlands family of Play by Email Sims, which have been active since 1993.  

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Quidano was tasked with securing crew for Axel as it's new XO. It now had a Gatrubbian captain, a long-term contract with the Gatrubbians, a holographic entity provided by the Gatrubbian government and the Gatrubbians were building a cargo module to increase their capacity and functionality. 

Targa had several suggestions for his new captain. The engineer had spoken with Eiwan about holographic emitters he wanted to install aboard Axel. The small ship was not designed for a continuous holographic system. Targa requested portable emitters instead. Eiwan had returned from the Chetzia Engineering Conference with DW 250 and could provide Axel with technology like what allowed DW 250 to explore Sentinel Station.

S'Yahazah appeared to Toraith. She was a hefty Gorn with shiny scales. She was a ghost of Christmas past showing Toraith his younger self on the hunt with cousins. Alton encouraged Toraith to interact with the past. Toraith's dream morphed into a boxing match with his father. A scene of Gorn massacring humans came from Alton's past. Alton and Toraith had never built a friendship because of that event. Toraith awoke aboard Axel. Toraith fell back to sleep and was greeted by his old captain. Rather than show alternate futures for Toraith, Elias told him that he needs to trust himself. The Gorn had lost faith in himself. Control was an illusion and sometimes life is lived by winging it. Toraith decided to make himself a new sash bearing his family crest and Axel's logo.



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