"Seiklon Axel"

Are you READY for adventure?  Some people are...some aren't.  
For example:
"If offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask what seat. Just get on." — Christa McAuliffe, Challenger Astronaut
"I'm interested in man's march into the unknown but to vomit in space is not my idea of a good time." — William Shatner
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Welcome to the homepage of the S.S. Seiklon Axel, a Star Trek Sim unlike any you've played before!  

What makes us different?

Seiklon Axel is about civilians, not Starfleet personnel.  Most sims you'll come across today will all be about a Federation starship or base.  Here you'll live a different kind of life.  It's rough, it's tough, and the Prime Directive definitely doesn't apply!

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities, please feel free to browse this website and consider applying to join our game. 

To read what's happening NOW, click on any of our feed entries (right) or vist our Groups Page.

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About Us

Seiklon Axel is a proud member of the Star Trek: Borderlands family of Play by Email Sims.  
Star Trek: Borderlands has been active since 1993.  

That's more than a 20 year legacy of continous play!  We would love to welcome you into our group, so if Axel doesn't work for you, don't stop there.  Explore our strange new worlds!  


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Special Thanks To:

Rich LeValley for Original Site Content and Layout, Site Owner

Jonathan Moore for the 2012 Website Redesign, 
Axel Interiors, and many of our graphics.  

SS Seiklon Axel proudly endorses Star Trek: Renegades



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