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Scrib are a race of bi-pedal sentient creatures from the planet Salthi Omidon III, in the Delta Quadrant, which has been renamed Scrib in the wake of their discovery.  
Federation researchers were amazed to discover that the entire planet is plentiful in hybrid plant-animal combinations, of which the Scrib are one.  


Scrib are typically between 3' and 5' in height at full maturity.  They have ovoid heads with three eyes on the upper front portion of the head.  They appear to have no ears, nose, or mouth, as humanoids would recognize them.  The physiology of a Scrib is quite different.  The ear (singular) is a sensor like palette beneath the skin at the top of a Scrib's head.  The olfactory organs are a series of tiny nostril apertures that ring the underside of the head.  This is how a Scrib breaths.  In stark contrast to most other sentient forms, and because of the creatures botanical nature, the mouths (plural) are openings in the bottoms of a Scribs feet.  They intake decaying plant material and process the nutrients through long esophageal tubules that run the entire length of their legs and continue into their core.  

Their bi-pedal nature, two arms, 3 fingered hands, etc; give them some resemblance to humanoid anatomy.  In mixed societies, they function much the same way, walking upright, handling tools, and so forth.  

Intellectually they are quick learners; a fact that only became apparent when Scrib collected in nature were placed in Zoo or lab settings throughout the quadrant.  They are exceptional mimics of those around them.  Upon this discovery, several activist groups came to their rescue.  Many captive Scribs were returned to their homeworld.  Re-introduction was difficult.  Hundreds more of the creatures were allowed to enter society at their point of release, they learned trades and became productive members of society.

In nature, Scrib live in pods, or groups, of up to 120 members.  Each group lives in a specific geographic area of their planet's ecosystem.  They do not migrate widely due to a genetic dependency on the nutrients found in their native soil.  While most of the time, this dependency can actually be forgotten, during stage 3 of their life-cycle it is absolutely imperative.  Without the access to the specific combination of nutrients they eventually go into a coma like stasis and die.  Captive Scribs, or those born off world, rarely live beyond 24 years.  That is when they reach Stage 3.

Scrib do not speak in the traditional sense.  There seems to be a pheremonal connection between members of a pod.  Off world Scrib utilize various methods of communication transfer, writing or typing is typical.