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The Kimbianju are an amphibious six-limbed pescivores (mostly) with strong facial tusks. They are native to the planet Bianju. Taller than the average humanoid, they look physically more imposing than they really are. The average Klingon is probably more adept at unarmed combat than these two. But their size is usually enough to dissuade humanoid aggressors from testing the two. As arms dealers, they're also typically very well armed, even in the most casual situations.

Kimbianju culture is strictly matriarchal with males forbidden to engage in non-domestic activities. Back on Bianju, males would be little more than house-husbands to a much stronger and powerful female. But, breaking with social norm, some males have struck out into the space lanes to try their hand at the traditional Kimbianju enterprise of trade. Though while Bianju-based trade is conducted via heavily armed caravan / raiding parties, males who strike out on their own have found their relative isolation to be a personal advantage in space.