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The Hnarn are an ancient race. Millenia ago they ruled an Empire that extended from the current location of the Federation to the other side of the Beta Quadrant border. Today, they only control a small area of space surrounding their honworld, Hnarn Gulh.

Hnarn are tall, rather graceful, and with rat-like features. They are furry with fur color ranging from blue to green with an underlying skin color of the same color as their fur.

Always a bit paranoid and aggressive the Hnarn always look back to their former glory and are constantly reminding other species that they were the first to bring civilization to the Quadrant. They are aggressive, paranoid and unfriendly to other species whom they consider inferior. 

Though modern Hnarn technology is on-par with most current species, ancient Hnarn technology was highly advanced. Ancient Hnarn used a stone-based technology that baffles archaeologists to this day.