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The Gula'oo are a diminutive species native to the Homelands. Their average height is between 2 and 3 feet tall. Their skin color ranges from blue to purple to red to orange. They are often described as looking like the Elves of human mythology. Their homeworld (also called Gula'oo) is located just inside the Purple Nebula.

Gula'oo typically have very long given names so tend to use a shortened version or nickname for ease around other species. Surnames tend to be one syllable.

Known Gula'oo:

Larry: Bouncer at Lola's on Wayfarer Station. Full name: Lrikentethoskt Jeel.
Neb Kooj: Owner of Kooj Brothers Ship Salvage on Wayfarer station. Full name: Nebthrakelnorbl Kooj.