Home Planet: Carlo
Class: L
Atmosphere: Oxygen/Argon
Description: Gravity 1.3 times Earth Normal

Height: 1.7 to 2.4 meters, typical
Weight: Comparable to Humans of Equivalent Size
Skin Colour: Green/ Brown with Bony Exo-skeletal Facial Covering
Hair Colour: Brown/ Black
Eye Colour: Varies, but never blue

The Carlotti are a brutish, semi-humanoid race that engage in interstellar trade and in many cases piracy due to their low regard for moral values.  They are more than willing to engage in slavery and slave trade, drug smuggling, mercenary activity, and murder.  Bands of the more aggressive Carlotti have formed what is referred to galaxy wide as the Carlotti Syndicate.  Less organized than the Orions, they are still equally feared throughout the Delta Quadrant for their ruthlessness.  

The Carlotti are not ship designers by nature.  They typically use cheap, easily obtainable, and modifiable vessels, such as Xepolyte freighters.  

The Carlotti Homeworld is often compared to that of the Orions, and is often sought out as a denizen of underworld activity.  The legitimate government is the Carlotti Commonwealth.  Law is most often maintained through thuggery in most cities.  Frequently aliens that travel to Carlo are forced to associate themselves with one gang or other in order to stay alive.  As a free, non-aligned world, Carlo has no official ties to any outside powers, but factions are constantly operating on behalf of any source that will provide the highest profit.  The most notorious city on the planet has many names.  In Federation standard it is known as Anarchy.