Welcome aboard the SS Axel.

We are a Star Trek PBEM RPG group, that has been in existence since 2006.  We fill a  unique niche in Star Trek because we don't comply with all the norms of Trekdom.  Our stories take place on a civilian ship operating from Sentinel Station, one of the first fixed bases of the Federation's 25th century Delta Quandrant expansion.

The rules of Star Fleet are not our rules.  We are free...

Our aim is to appeal to those who may not want to play a character on a Federation Starship but still love Star Trek.  We draw inspiration from Star Trek, Firefly, and The Orville, as well as other great ship based scifi franchises past and present.  We aim to misbehave and to have fun within the Star Trek: Borderlands Universe.  

If you enjoy, 


this PBEM RPG might be right for you!



Looking At The Bigger Picture

The SS Axel is a proud member of the Star Trek: Borderlands family of Play by Email Sims, which have been active since 1993.  

We are currently partnering with Outpost Hope One, which is one of our founding groups.   


But if neither of these fine sims is for you, there are more to choose from.  


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In Other News:

SS Seiklon Axel proudly endorses Star Trek: Renegades

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Axel's Theme

August 2018

Axel Activity

Captain Bresa regretted not inspecting the contents of the Provider personally. A squad of the Gatrubbian Navy boarded SS Axel to inspect it for contraband. They fell under Xin’s spell. Tapia Eevi was not helpful to the sergeant. Sergeant Cotti asked to see Reader Garla and the other passengers. He did not agree with her interpretation of the Great Story. Admiral Saras waited aboard the GNV Exposition while Axel was inspected. His family was divided like the Gatrubbian people many times in the past. He admonished Captain Bresa for his disrespect of the chain of command. The admiral considered Bresa lucky and undeserving of the Gatrubbian peoples’ accolades. Katim Saras demanded to see Captain Bresa. She knew that the inspection was really about her. Toraith showed her to a hidden compartment. It was large enough for the young woman. Toraith would guard it from the outside. Quidano thought Toraith looked conspicuous standing in an empty corridor and suggested busy work. And openly questioned their protection of Katim.


Gent joined SS Axel.

The group discussed the current state of the Nal’Gaharay. Rich created the group a number of years ago.

The Devu Sun Times reported our sibling duty station Starbase Horizon II missing.

Captain’s Logs as far back as 2008 were uploaded to the OH1 website.

Subject Lines of the Month

(6362) 2418.08.11.03 AXEL Lakim “Big Softy”
(6367) 2418.08.12.01 AXEL Toraith “will not lose another”
–Toraith is a gruff but lovable character.

(6417) 2418.08.21.01 WAN Kingsley/Desiree “They’re miscreants, sir”
–Honourable mention to Jack for the use of ‘miscreants’.

Quote of the Month

“I don’t know what he was talking about. There’s plenty of room in here for two.” Still she was alone. She felt movement in her womb. Perhaps not THAT alone. “It’s going to be alright little one. It is….I know it.”
–Lakim, played by Rich, while hiding aboard SS Axel

Player of the Month

Karen has stepped into her first storyline like she’s been playing with us for years. Ensign Hunter is a central character in the rescue of the crew of the Tusaytir. She joined the crew of DFA Cromwell in their current wild west adventure. Her communication behind the scenes has and understanding of the medium is exemplary.

Honourable mention to Rich playing a husband using every means at his disposal to win back his wife, and, a wife with a calling that takes her away from everyone she knows and loves. Both characters are deeply realized. There is no clear nor easy solution to the situation.

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Rich LeValley,
Jul 7, 2015, 5:49 AM