What a joy to be your child’s teacher!  Let me begin by introducing myself to all of you.  I am Bobbi Sue Miller.  I graduated from Pawnee High school in Grover.  After graduating from UNC I taught both kindergarten and fourth grade at Highland Elementary School in Pierce.  This is  my 21st year of teaching!  I have two children, Jade- who graduated from Briggsdale School and is attending  UNC and Skyla- who also graduated from Briggsdale School and is attending  UNC .  I also have a son-in-law, Colton, who is attending CSU.  My husband John and I  have been married 31 years.   We live east of Gill. 

    I want to let you know a few things about our classroom.  First off, your child will be bringing a homework folder home every Friday.  One side of the folder will have notes to you and take home papers to keep at home.  The other side will have a homework schedule.  In second grade, homework should take no more than 20 minutes each night.  I am aware that families have busy after school schedules.  The homework schedule is flexible, but should be completed by the following Friday.   The purpose for this work is to give your child extra practice on their spelling, math facts, and reading.  You will soon see that each week is very routine.  Your child will receive a weekly homework grade.  It is very important that they are faithful in completing the activities and bringing the folder back and forth.  Please help them develop the habit of discipline and responsibility.   

    Birthdays will be here before you know it.  Please feel free to have birthday parties in the classroom.  In the past, parties were held around 2:15-2:30.  If this is a problem please let me know, we will work around your schedule.  If you will not be able to attend and would like to send treats, that would be great too.   We will also have Pizza Hut Book It! this year.  Each month a reading calendar will come home to keep track of minutes read.  Students are to be responsible for reading each day,  filling in the reading calendar, having parent(s) sign, and turning it on the assigned day.  This is worth 5% of their reading grade.    

    Spelling tests are on  Fridays.  Fridays the spelling list will be sent home.  In order to get a 100%, the words and sentences must be spelled correctly and punctuation must be correct too. 45% of your child’s grade comes from assignments, 50% tests, and 5% VIP folder homework.

    We do not do afternoon milk in second grade. Your child will not need milk tickets unless your child brings in a lunch and they would like to drink milk with their lunch.

    Back to school night is in August before school starts and I hope to meet all of you that night.  Until then, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to communicate with me through a note or a phone call (656-3417) or better yet, email mrsmiller@briggsdaleschool.org 

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