PC Flight Simulator Group
December 5, 2018
Social Hour 1000-1030
1030-1045 Club Meeting
1045-1200 Demo

Sam Henderson flying Ajo & Kit Peak
Southern Arizona

Dual or Solo Instruction Available
2nd/3rd/4th Wednsdays
1000-1200 hours
Please send your request to:

attn: Lana

Returning to the Palo Verde Room
the Last 2 Weeks of March 2019

Maintenance Department
Our main computer (#2) HAS a new mother board.
John Burr INSTALLED a G-Force 1080 card...Looks Great!
Also, have 2 NEW Video Monitors/built-in Audio
Many thanks to:
Gary Rall & Bob Mulholland
(PC Maintenance Dept)

Available September thru May
Flight Sim FS2004 & FSX
Available in Room 'A' Weekdays 8am-4pm


The Instrument Panel of a Cessna 172
Center Panel 
Instruments (6 Pack) l. to r.
Top Row - Air Speed - Atitude - Altitude
Turn & Bank - Directional Gyro - Vertical Speed
Right Panel
Top - Auto Pilot
Left - Nav #1
Below - Nav #2
Right - ADF
Below - Engine RPM
Left Panel
Top - Clock/Stopwatch
Engine Gauges
Fuel - Battery/Gen. etc,
Bottom Panel
From Left - Ignition Key/Start/Mags
Electrical Switches
Elevator Trim
Fuel Tank Switch
Flap Control