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Must-have Google Docs add-ons for project management

posted Mar 20, 2018, 8:40 AM by Stéphanie Chhay   [ updated Mar 22, 2018, 9:06 AM ]

Google Drive is an amazing collaborative tool which makes it perfect for project management. Whether you are a full-time project manager or an occasional one, get help from some well-thought add-ons for running successful projects!

Here’s a focus on 8 great add-ons that will help you at every step of your project, from planning to closing.


Keep task, ideas and processes well-organized for achieving your project goals. Discover the two following add-ons that will help you stay organized.


Project management requires a lot of multi-tasking. To better keep track of everything you have in mind, start by organizing your thoughts with MindMeister! This add-on for MindMeister will help you do just that in visually mapping a bullet-point list.

MindMeister eisists as a free standalone add-on and as a freemium web app.
Find out more about MindMeister here.

Lucidchart Diagrams for Slides

This add-on for Lucidchart helps your represent a workflow or an organization chart in a more comprehensive way. Lucidchart interface is very user-friendly: Use the drag and drop functionality to create your chart and save your creation as a template for future projects.

Lucidchart Diagrams for Slides is a freemium add-on for Lucidchart web app.
Find out more about Lucidchart here.


Planning is key when driving a project. The following add-ons make managing the busiest schedules a piece of cake!

ProjectSheet planning

ProjectSheet planning is without a doubt the most complete tool for project managers on Google Sheets, providing an overall tracking of your project progress: Time, ressources, costs… Even though some useful features are available for paying users, the free version is a great compass for steering any project.

ProjectSheet planning is a freemium standalone add-on.
Find out more about ProjectSheet planning here.

Shift Scheduler

Originally created for hospitals’ staff plannings, Shift Scheduler can be useful to everyone having complex scheduling needs. A project manager with a large team of freelancers will certainly enjoy it! Manage your schedule in a spreadsheet and have it automatically updated to Google Calendar.

Shift Scheduler is a free standalone add-on.


Driving a project from A to Z requires planning but also costs and resources management. Keep track of your budget and team with the following add-ons.

Lazy Notes Extras

Budget is key for a well-driven project. Lazy Notes Extras helps you easily record all expenses and lets you choose how to categorize them. All calculations and organizations are handle from your Google Sheet.

Lazy Notes Extras is a free standalone add-on.
Find out more about Lazy Notes Extras here.

Google Forms to Asana Checklist Pro

This add-on combines Asana, the famous mail-free team collaboration tool, and Google Form best features to automate tasks. After each form submission, this add-on will automatically create a task in Asana with a complete checklist, comments and team assignments. Very useful when juggling with several projects at the same time.

Google Forms to Asana Checklist Pro is an add-on for Asana web app. A free trial (14 days) and a free plan (1 Google Form on 1 Google Account) are both available.
Find out more about Google Forms to Asana Checklist Pro here.


Once your project is over, you need to evaluate if the goals have been achieved. Those add-ons will help you get feedback on your project performance.

Advanced Summary by Awesome Table

If you need your clients or coworkers’ opinion on your project outcome, Google Form offers a great platform to request and receive feedback. Advanced Summary helps you compile data from a Google Form survey and lays it out in an intelligible way.

Advanced Summary by Awesome Table is a free add-on for Awesome Table.
Find out more about Advanced Summary by Awesome Table here.

Time Study - BPI Tools

Time Study records process time and automatically generates a report. Very flexible, this add-on lets you export data from Google Calendar and import a timesheet to Google Calendar. It’s the perfect way to manage et keep track of your project time management.

Time Study - BPI Tools is a free standalone add-on.
Find out more about Time Study here.

Top add-ons for project management

Google Slides add-ons Description
Lucidchart Diagrams for Slides Draw diagrams that communicate important ideas, information, and processes and insert them directly into your Google Slides.

Google Forms add-ons Description
Google Forms to Asana Checklist Pro Submit Google Forms to Asana as a task or project. Auto create Task Checklists, resubmit forms, send email notifications and more!
Advanced Summary by Awesome Table Advanced Summary of responses generates charts and filters based on a Google Form responses.

Google Sheets add-ons Description
ProjectSheet planning Create and modify a planning schedule for project management in a spreadsheet with WBS work breakdown and Gantt time chart.
Shift Scheduler A flexible organization-level shift scheduling spreadsheet that automatically creates Google Calendar events for your users.
Lazy Notes Extras Manage your budget more easily and conveniently on a single spreadsheet!
Time Study - BPI Tools Time your project's activities and save them directly to your Calendar. Measure process time, timesheet recording and reporting.

Google Docs add-ons Description
MindMeister MindMeister lets you turn any bullet-point list into a visually appealing mind map and insert it into your Google Document.