Colored pins and custom Maps markers are now available in Awesome Table!

Post date: Mar 22, 2018 4:3:40 PM

Very easy to use, Maps view is a very popular view among our users: From a simple spreadsheet, simply enter locations, fill in tooltips and get a fully customized map, ready to be shared!

By popular demand, we are proud to announce that you can now change the color of your Maps pins, or replace them with any other image, adding more personalization options to your Maps views!

Change the color of your Maps pins with ColorType

Colored in red by default, you can now choose any color you like for your pins thanks to our new keyword, ColorType:

In your spreadsheet, enter color names (ex: Blue), HEX color codes (ex: #0000FF) or RGB color codes (ex: 0,0,255) for more specific shades.

Learn how to change pin colors with our documentation.

Replace pins with an image of your choice with MapsMarker

If you want to get rid of pins, you can replace them with any image or icon using our MapsMarker keyword:

Copy and paste a URL or a Google file link in your spreadsheet, and your image will be automatically resized and displayed as a pin on your map. For better results, we recommend to use images in 1:1 format (‘square’).

Get our tutorial for MapsMarker here.

These two options are the perfect solution to highlight some places, visually group some locations or simply differentiate pins from other ones.

They will perfectly fit any maps for business or personal use cases, and will greatly improve contact list maps, property locations maps, itineraries maps and much more.

We hope you’ll enjoy customizing maps markers and pins as much as we enjoyed released them for you!

More about Maps views

Not familiar with Maps view? Setting up a custom map with Awesome Table is very easy!

Either use Maps keywords to configure your spreadsheet or install Geocode by Awesome Table, our add-on specifically developed to help you get locations from your database and share them on a map.

Get the full documentation about Maps markers here.

Get the list of every Awesome Table keywords here.