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Geocode addresses in a Google Sheet and display them on a map

Google spreadsheets offers very simple geographical / Map charts.

The Geocode map tool is the solution for everyone looking for something better: Geocode is an add-on that helps geocoding addresses from a Google Sheet (ie, get longitude and latitude data from a list of physical addresses) and displays those locations on a map, using Google Maps. The map is populated with locations from the Sheet and it’s possible to filter and sort out those data within the view: the map will filter and display data in real time.

Why use Geocode?

Create a map within seconds

Addresses are converted into Maps coordinates: longitudes and latitudes. Geocode uses Google's services to retrieve these data and is optimized for address recognition thanks to a built-in error management system: if Google doesn't recognize an address, Geocode can perform a broader research, making sure you get a result for each row of your spreadsheet. And then we display all your data on a map.

Enhance your visualization, improve your workflow

Create a map of a contact list (friends, family, professional contacts…)

Facilitate market and trends analysis by mapping clients or suppliers’ addresses

Show locations to clients or contractors (real estate properties, sales outlets, hotels…)

Map the must-see places of a package tour

Those are just a few ideas of what is possible to display with Geocode.

Using Geocode with Awesome Table

Create an interactive map within seconds with Awesome Table

The Geocode mapping tool is built to work seamlessly with Awesome Table, a powerful tool developed by our team. After geocoding, the add-on automatically creates an Awesome Table map view for you that displays markers on a map for each row of your spreadsheet and adds filters on top of this map, based on the information available in your spreadsheet (ie, if you have a column with numbers, you will get a number range filter, if you have a column with dates, a date range filter,...). Those filters are especially useful if you have lots of rows, so lots of data to display on the map and you want to quickly filter results to show just some of those data on the map. 

Note that we do our best to guess the most useful filters to add on top of the map but you can totally remove some of those filters or add filters based on other columns of your spreadsheet. You can also change the tooltip displayed when you click on a marker to show more information.

To customize all that, take a look at the Awesome Table documentation. And see the demo of a very simple view to realize.

Customizing Tooltips

The Geocode add-on has a very powerful yet simple built-in tooltip maker. The drag and drop builder lists the columns displayed in your sheet. You can edit labels, change their place, or even remove them!
You can also directly edit the HTML of the tooltip.


Geocode tutorial using AwesomeTable

How does it work?


  1. Open a spreadsheet through Google Drive (Geocode also works perfectly with previously created sheets)

  2. Add physical addresses and other information to the Sheet

  3. Go to the Chrome Web Store with the menu Add-ons > Get Add-ons… and install Geocode

  4. Select the menu Add-ons > Geocode > Start Geocoding

  5. Select your source sheet Geocode automatically recognizes existing sheets’ names, column headers and can determinate the type of each category of data (strings, numbers, dates…)

  6. Select the addresses column

  7. Start Geocoding!

  8. After it's geocoded, click on “Create a map” to display it.