Services Provided

Definition:performance of duties or provision of space and equipment helpful to others


  • Facilitation

  • Advisement

  • Assessment

  • Guidance and Recommendations

  • Implementation

  • Measurement

  • Continuous Improvement

Services are often a mishmash of confusing terms, consultants are notoriously unreliable about defining what "value they deliver".

ServiceXen seeks to clarify that we are not a large consultancy with teams of workers we are a group of few with tremendous, research , analysis and experience traits.

Goal: Instill knowledge and understanding

Avoid: information dissemination

Quote: A fool with tool is still a fool.

The framework work to the left is what is typically used when assisting a client in finding a solution. If you are familiar with Six Sigma you may see traits of quality improvement instilled with in the framework.

Prior services provided:

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Supporting Employees across the World

Communication Consultancy

Customer Relations

Information and Knowledge Management

Systems Integration

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