Appropriate funding and targeting of investment in IS, based on business need:

  • maximized return on IS investment and the cost-effective provision of IS services together with more efficient use of IS resources, leading to a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and long-term reduction of costs or an increased investment in new initiatives or business projects

  • improved use of suppliers with more effective negotiation of better contractual terms and using supplier’s economies of scale

Improved quality of service:

  • improved quality of service to the business, with IS processes that truly underpin and align with business processes, leading to improved business productivity and revenue

  • projects more likely to satisfy customer needs

Improved relationships and communication:

  • consistent and more business-focused service delivery, where services and their delivery are more closely aligned to business requirements, priorities and impacts (e.g. incidents, problems and changes) because of improved communication and information flows

  • planned purchase, development and implementation more aligned to business priorities using Portfolio Management techniques

  • better business focus and management information on IS processes and services

  • improved working relationships with IS and its suppliers, through better interfaces and contacts

Improved business operation:

  • improved ‘time to market’ for new business products and services, from a more responsive IS unit, with improved definition of business requirements

  • projects and changes implemented to agreed quality and targets, which more accurately reflect business impacts and urgencies

  • faster and improved quality of IS support and response to business needs by more rapid and accurate identification of business requirements

  • IS service continuity and recovery more aligned to business impact, urgency and need

  • business needs accurately and speedily reflected into the IS environment

  • co-ordinated changing business needs with an evolving IS environment.