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How do we manage our different projects? They vary in size & scope; my team is not clear on what documentation may be needed for a project.

What does a process improvement project plan look like, how long might it take? Do I have to do it all at once?

What might a complete enterprise process implementation look like? I am having trouble visualizing it. I don’t understand the interdependencies. Can it be mated with a project plan?

What requirements are necessary for a Turn-Key process implementation?

I am unsure what my organization needs, Can you help me assess the needs of my organization, and assemble a plan of action?

How will you communicate with my organization, where will documents be located, how will you chart progress?

Organizational change is needed; how will this be accomplished?

This process talk is nice and all, but show me the money!

Configuration Management confuses me; do you have some documentation you can send me to clarify?

Work samples are provided based on request

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Please submit  a request to "s.coudi at gmail dot-com"