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Institute for Management Research (our research arm), Nijmegen School of Management (our school), Chair in Finance (the chair I am working in), IMR Lab Facilities (our labs), I am also secretary and board member of the Society for Experimental Finance (SEF), and I am managing our research hotspot Integrated Decision Making with Etiënne and Vincent (ID). Furthermore, I was in the implementation team of the Healthy Brain Study (project overview) and now serve on their scientific board (link to study). I am on the faculty council and also serve on the scientific advisory board of the Nijmegen School of Economics

what is going on ?! (last update 25 August 2022)

  • I am searching for a new PhD Candidate on Sustainable Finance (link). Deadline October 7th.

  • I am excited to design and coordinate the new course Societal Challenges in Economics, considering the economics perspective on SDGs and digital transformation and how the latter can address the former. The course is accompanied by several guest lectures related to transformational sustainable change, platform economies, and cybersecurity. Next to the introduction of the course, I will teach Sustainable Finance. I am happy to work together with other teachers who will consider different parts related to our specialisations.

  • Accepted at PLOS ONE! Psychological price perception may exert a weaker effect on purchasing decisions than previously suggested: results from a large online experiment fail to reproduce either a left-digit or perceptual-fluency effect, with Achiel Fenneman, Jörn Sickmann, Carina Goldback and Thomas Pitz.

  • Constantina Markou will start as my first PhD candidate in August. I am looking forward to working with her!

  • Finally published: S. Füllbrunn and T. Neugebauer (2022), Testing market regulations in experimental asset markets – The case of margin purchases, Vol 200, 1162-1183, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jebo.2020.09.022.

  • We uploaded a new working paper: Heterogeneity of Beliefs and Trading Behavior - A reexamination, with Christoph Huber, Catherine Eckel and Utz Weitzel. The working paper is available here.

  • We uploaded a new working paper: Reading the Market? Expectation Coordination and Theory of Mind, with Te Bao, Jiaoying Pei, and Jichuan Zong. The working paper is available here.

  • Together with Stefan Trautmann and Wolfgang Luhan, we received a grant from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation to cover travel, accommodation and catering costs for all active participants for our conference on "Risky Decision Making for Others - Cognition, responsibility and risk preferences" planned for October 2022 in Portsmouth.

  • As expected, my PhD Student's Charlotte Borsboom finally made it. Congratulations!

  • The Board of Deans of Radboud University granted me the IUS Promovendi (not-being a full professor I can now have my own PhD student).

  • The first chapters of our Handbook of Experimental Finance (joint with Ernan Haruvy) are available as pre-prints. Find an overview of the chapters I was responsible for here.

  • I just presented "Privatizing Gains and Socializing Losses - Agency under Accountability" at the ASSA meeting in the DMFO session (unfortunately via zoom only). We had interesting talks from Mateo Ploner, Ciril Bosch-Rosa, Homa Zarghamee, and Sandro Ambuehl.

  • My Chapter for the Handbook of Experimental Finance together with Christoph Huber and Christian König-Kersting on Experimental Finance and Financial Professionals is available at SSRN (link).

  • My Chapter for the Handbook of Experimental Finance together with Ola Kvaløy and Wolfgang Luhan on Investment for others is available at SSRN (link).

  • Jana Vyrastekova and I submitted our new paper on Trust under Financial Distress. The WP version is available at SSRN (link)

  • The #fincap project's paper "Non-Standard Errors", where Sven Nolte and I formed a research team, has been published at SSRN (link).

  • Our Healthy Brain Study paper "Rationale and design of the Healthy Brain Study: an accessible resource for understanding the human brain and how it dynamically and individually operates in its bio-social context" has been accepted at PlosONE (link to pre-print).

  • Charlotte Borsboom and I submitted our new paper. The WP version is available at SSRN (link)

  • I was elected a member of the Faculty Representative Council for two years.

  • Ernan Haruvy and I are editing the Handbook of Experimental Finance. We are delighted that so many researchers contribute to the handbook. We are looking forward to chapters from Nobel Prize Winner Vernon Smith and Society of Experimental Finance presidents Elena Asparouhova, Peter Bossaerts, Charles Noussair and Martin Weber. Many other experimentalists agreed to contribute.

  • The ESA accepted Wolfgang Luhan's and my session proposal for the ASSA in Boston 2022. The speakers are Ciril Bosch-Rosa, Matteo Ploner, Homa Zarghamee, and Sandra Ambuehl. The discussants are Georgia Buckle, Bernhard Ganglemair, John Ifcher, Levent Neyse, and Stefan Trautmann.

  • Our Healthy Brain Study design paper describing the rationale and design of the Healthy Brain Study is now available as a preprint on the Open Science Framework: https://osf.io/fqmdu. I am now one author of the HBS consortium.

  • Ernan Haruvy and I successfully hosted a third virtual Experimental Finance workshops (see http://www.ru.nl/imr/vefw3.

  • ACCEPTED at Economics Letters: Lying for Others - The Impact of Agency on Misreporting (with Georgia Buckle and Wolfgang Luhan). The first paper with our PhD student from Portsmouth.

  • Our report "Niet-bancaire kredietverlening Een blik in de black box" (Sascha Füllbrunn, Dirk-Jan Janssen, Utz Weitzel) has been released by the Dutch Ministry of Finance Wopke Hoestra (link). Using web-research, online surveys and mystery shopping, we tried to uncover the online credit provision mechanisms in the Dutch credit market for small companies and self-employed people.

  • Ernan Haruvy and I successfully hosted two virtual Experimental Finance workshops (see http://www.ru.nl/imr/vefw. A further one is scheduled for January 13th.

  • ACCEPTED at Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization: Testing market regulations in experimental asset markets - the case of margin purchases (together Tibor Neugebauer)

  • The special issue on Decision Making for Others in Journal of Economic Psychology is online.

  • I am happy to edit the "Handbook of Experimental Finance" together with Ernan Haruvy. The book will be published by Edward Elgar and is expected in Summer 2022.

  • ACCEPTED at Journal of Economic Psychology: Current Issues in Decision Making for Others (together with Wolfgang Luhan and Alan Sanfey). Online First.

  • Project on non-bank financing opportunities - Together with Utz Weitzel and Dirk-Jan Janssen we do contract research for the Ministry of Finance on alternative financing opportunities for small companies using a multiple methods approach including different data generation procedures, web-research, and interviews.

  • We have a new PhD position open @Portsmouth, UK. Find more information here.

  • ACCEPTED at Experimental Economics: Underpricing of initial public offerings in experimental asset markets (together with Andreas Nicklisch and Tibor Neugebauer)

  • Our inter-faculty proposal on a Radboud University Centre for Analytical Modelling in Social Sciences and Humanities was granted, PI Dr Frank Bohn and Prof Wadim Zudilin

  • I successfully finished the personal UHD trajectory (Associate Professor, UHD2, temporary) that I started in 2016 already after three years and finally was promoted to UHD1 (Associate Professor, permanent).

  • I got my proeftuin awarded (University competition to get experimental ICT implemented in teaching)! Which means additional hours to implement online questionnaires on biases and experimental games in my Behavioural Finance course. Dutch page: https://www.ru.nl/docenten/ict-onderwijs/proeftuinen/proeftuinen-feedback/leren-reflecteren-gedaan/

  • ACCEPTED at Journal of Economic Psychology: Responsibility and Limited Liability in Decision Making for Others - An experimental consideration (together with Wolfgang Luhan) LINK.

  • Due to several requests... here the carry over zip file for ztree: LINK

  • R&R in Experimental Economics

  • I applied for a PhD to run experiments on Unconditional Basic Income; it is in the second round now...

  • R&R in Journal of Economic Psychology

  • Georgia Buckle started at Portmouth University as a PhD candidate on Decision Making for Others. She applied successfully for the PhD position that Wolfgang Luhan and I got funded (FBL Bursary 2018/2019 University of Portsmouth)

  • The study with Catherine Eckel was mentioned in Het Financieele Dagblad: Lehman Sisters was óók failliet gegaan (https://fd.nl/economie-politiek/1270744/lehman-sisters-was-ook-failliet-gegaan).

  • Chair website is online: FinanceChair.net

  • Our paper Risk Aversion and Overbidding in First Price Sealed Bid Auctions: New Experimental Evidence (joint with Dirk-Jan Janssen and Utz Weitzel) was accepted at Economic Inquiry.

  • Our Decision Making for Others (link) on July 2/3 2018 was an interesting experience. Having a conference on a specific topic is quite valuable as we all were on the same page, even though we were from different disciplines.

  • I became secretary and Board Member of the Society for Experimental Finance (link)

  • Nice conferences in Berlin (ESA Word Meeting) and Heidelberg (Experimental Finance 2018)

  • I will visit the University of Portsmouth and give a lecture on Experimental Finance... if you want to participate: link

  • Wolfgang Luhan and I, together with Alan Sanfey, are guest editors for a special issue on Decision Making for Others at the Journal of Economic Psychology (CFP).

  • I am member of the implementation team of the Healthy Brain Cohort, which is a collaboration between the Radboud University, Radboudumc and Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistic. The cohort will include healthy subjects from the region of Nijmegen. Our goal is to deeply phenotype the cohort including brain imaging, biological and behavioral measures, etc. This will result in a unique research infrastructure for brain research and beyond which increases and improves research opportunities. (More information) I must say that it is really interesting to work with people from other disciplines.

  • Want to see me in action? Here is our Master's Programme Promotion Video... guess who is taking the role of the professor?!

Handbook forthcoming in October 2022 (link)


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  • Georgia Buckle

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  • Achiel Fenneman

  • Carina Goldbach

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  • Healthy Brain Consortium

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  • Dirk-Jan Janssen

  • Christian König-Kersting

  • Rene Levinsky

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