Academic Service


Journals - American Economic Review, DBW - Die Betriebswirtschaft, Economic Inquiry (>1), Economics Letters (>1), Experimental Economics (>1), European Economic Review (>1), Games, Games and Economic Behavior (>1), International Journal of Game Theory, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (>1), Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance (>1), Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (>1), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (>1), Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination, Journal of Economic Psychology (>1), Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination, Journal of the Economic Science Association, Journal of Economic Surveys, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, International Game Theory Review, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Management Science (>1), Metroeconomica, Southern Economic Journal (>1), Theory and Decision

Institutions - US National Science Foundation, Think Forward Initiative, Dutch Research Council (NWO)

Academic Service

Secretary and Board Member of the Society for Experimental Finance (Since 2018)

Appointed Member of the Scientific Advisory Board at Radboud University, Nijmegen School of Management (2016-2022)

Management Team, Integrated Decision-Making Hotspot (Since 2017)

Scientific Board Healthy Brain Study, Cross-discipline project (Since 2017)

Management Team, Department of Economics (Since 2015)

Master Coordination, Department of Economics (Since 2015)

Adviser "Universitaire projecten rond ICT en Onderwijs" (Since 2015)

Appointed Member of diverse PhD Thesis Commissions (Luxembourg, The Netherlands)


Society for Experimental Finance

Economic Science Association

Gesellschaft für Experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung

Hotspot: Integrated Decision Making