Registration removes all limitations that are enforced to non-registered users, makes your Scelight more personalized and supports the development of Scelight.

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Registration steps

The registration consists of the following steps:

1) Visit the Scelight Operator User page, and create your Scelight Operator Account with one click.

    The Scelight Operator uses Google accounts to authenticate users, you will need to create a Google account if you don't already have one (if you have a GMail address, you already have one).

    Google manages your password, you are never asked to provide any passwords to the Scelight Operator.

2) Fill in your personal info, don't forget to save it by pressing the "Save" button. Personal info you provide here will be included in the registration file.

3) You have to send a minimum payment of 14 USD to my PayPal account: 

    In the comment section indicate that you sent the money for Scelight registration. Use this simple form to initiate the payment:


  • This is a one-time fee, there are no recurring monthly costs.
  • You can send money via PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account (e.g. PayPal accepts credit cards when sending a payment).
  • You can also ask a friend of yours to send money for your registration. Just make sure he / she indicates in the comment section to whom the money is for.
  • If you are from the United States of America (USA), you might require an Invoice to make the payment. If this is the case, drop me an email with your PayPal email address, and I send you the Invoice.

4) Send me an email (email address: ) with the following details:

  • PayPal account that you sent the money from.
  • Your Google Account email address that you created an account with.

You're done! Please allow me a few hours to verify your payment and have it registered to your account. You will get an automated confirmation email when your payment has been verified and registered.

I reply to every email. If you don't receive a reply even for a day, check your spam folder because most likely that's where my reply has landed.

Now that you have successfully registered, you have to let your Scelight know about this by downloading the Registration file.

Downloading the Registration file

You have to download the Registration file to let your Scelight know about your registration. To do that, you have to:

1) Visit the Scelight Operator User page again when your payment has been registered, and create a Registration file Ticket by pressing the "Create a new Ticket" button.

2) In Scelight go to the Tools menu and choose "Download Registration File". Copy the ticket you just created and press the "Download Registration File" button.

You're done! Restart Scelight and GL & HF!


The registration file contains information about your registration, and to Scelight it acts as proof of your registration.

The registration file will be bound to the system environment you download it from and you can't use it on other computers, but you are allowed to download multiple registration files if you use Scelight from multiple computers (but you are now allowed to share your registration files with others). The system environment may include hardware and software configuration, and your operating system user.

A successful registration - which is sealed by sending the required payment - does not expire. However, a downloaded registration file has a validity time after which it expires. If this happens to you, you can simply create a new ticket and re-download your registration file.

Terms of Service

    Last updated: 2013-11-05

1) The payments are not refundable. You cannot change your mind and request the money back.

2) Price changes do not affect already registered members. If the registration fee is increased, you can still keep your registration. If the registration fee is decreased, you are not entitled to the difference amount.

3) You are not allowed to share your Scelight Operator account or the registration file with anyone else. You may however download multiple Registration files to multiple computers you use, but for your own use only.

4) You are responsible to keep your Scelight Operator account safe. I take no responsibility for issues arising from your Google account getting compromised.

5) Accounts abusing the service will be suspended and / or deleted with no refund. This includes - but is not limited to - sharing your registration file or allowing others to download registration files on the behalf of your account.

6) I reserve the right to change the terms at any time.

Privacy Policy

    Last updated: 2013-11-10

1) All the information provided by you or sent by Scelight are never shared with anyone else in any way.

2) Statistics may only be collected in an anonymous way, with no personal info attached or being referred to.