Download the Latest Scelight Release

Scelight is FREE to download and use with minor limitations, but if you enjoy using it or you find it useful, please consider registering: Registration Thank You!


 Scelight Launcher  For All Operating Systems. Java 7.0 or newer is required.

 The Launcher will install and keep up-to-date all necessary modules and components automatically.
 Size: 1.38 MB
 SHA-256 checksum: 4f166342debe11955d9f0a4bd36b7117e4d1cd6f1ad36a90806b054bd540bbf8
 How can I verify this checksum?

Download Prepared JRE (Optional)

On Windows Operating Systems if you can't or don't want to install Java, you can download this optional prepared JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

It contains a folder named jre. Extract it into the Scelight folder and you will be able to run Scelight without having to install Java on your system.

The recommended way is still to install Java! Think of this as a last resort.

 Download:  For Windows Operating System only.

 Contains a prepared JRE which must be extracted / placed into the Scelight folder.
 Size: 53.07 MB
 SHA-256 checksum: 67b7fcf1737b6c84357bec8af55ab1d0a7d0def8ad88a1f12ca8eb11e9d048a8

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Download the Latest Scelight External Module SDK

You only need this if you want to develop External Modules for Scelight.

 Download:  Scelight External Module SDK For All Operating Systems. Java 7.0 or newer is required.
 Size: 2.17 MB
 SHA-256 checksum: 5807258fba862c42a3d1ba7d2e3d4eab544ecf7076a6b699fdf911f869e5b3c3
 How can I verify this checksum?

You can read more about the External Modules, the SDK and developing External Modules here: External Modules

Looking for the source code of Scelight?

Good news! Scelight is now (as of February 4, 2016) open source:


Just download the zip file and extract it to anywhere you like. You're done.

It is STRONGLY advised not to put Scelight in special folders like "C:\Program Files" where normal users do not have write permission therefore Scelight would not be able to perform updates or save settings.

On MAC OS-X you can start Scelight by double clicking on the file

Note that on Linux and MAC OS-X you (might) have to set executable permission on the starter script. Open a console/terminal, navigate to the Scelight folder where you have extracted it, and execute the following command:

OS-X:  "chmod +x Scelight-os-x.command"

Linux: "chmod +x"

This only has to be done once. After that you can start Scelight with the following command:

Windows: double click on the "Scelight.exe"

Linux:   "./"

OS-X:    "./Scelight-os-x.command"