Frequently asked questions and answers regarding Scelight.

Scelight FAQ

How can I add myself to the Favored Player list? How can I find my Toon?

Open a replay in the Replay analyzer, and below the player name there is a small wrench icon. Clicking on this opens the Player menu. Choose "Add to the favored player list" or "Copy player toon...".

Can I run Scelight without Java?

On Windows Operating System you have the option to run Scelight without having to install Java. Details are on the Downloads page.

The recommended way is still to install Java! Think of this as a last resort.

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Scelight External Modules FAQ

How can an External Module become an Official External Module?

Definition: "Official External Modules are general purpose external modules from cooperating 3rd party developers and vendors."

So the External Module must be a general purpose external module (e.g. an external module developed and used privately inside a clan will most likely not qualify). The author of the External Module must be cooperating: he/she must provide certain details (just some general stuff which is public anyway), and he/she has to host the module.xml described on the External Modules page. If these are met, contact me (email address: ) for evaluation.