Scelight™ is a free general StarCraft® II utility for literally everyone who is interested in the game (either a player ranging from newbie to pro, a developer, team manager, league organizer, commentator or just a game analyzer).

Its main features are replay management and replay analysis.

The program is written in Java so everyone can use it: Windows, MAC OS-X and Linux users (and others where you can install Java).


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Replay List
Stats - Resources Current
Multi-Replay Analyzer - Calendar
Replay Analyzer - Charts - Commands
Replay Analyzer - Map Info
Multi-Replay Analyzer - Time trend - Session


Head over to the Downloads section and download the latest release.


You just need Java 7.0 or newer (*). Nothing else is required, you don't even need StarCraft II to run Scelight.

You can download Java from here: http://java.com

*Note: On Windows Operating Systems you have the option to run Scelight without Java having to be installed. Details are on the Downloads page.

Tip: The 32-bit Java is significantly faster and uses much less memory than the 64-bit version, and the 32-bit version runs both on 32 and 64 bit architectures and operating systems. So I recommend to install the 32-bit Java. If you have already installed the 64-bit version, you can uninstall it and go with the 32-bit version.

Scelight is not a 3rd party application!

Scelight is an independent program: it does not interact with StarCraft II, it does not read or modify the memory of StarCraft II and it does not modify the files of StarCraft II either.

Scelight is considered legitimate by Blizzard's StarCraft II EULA and Battle.net Terms of Use.

Scelight is a trademark of András Belicza. © András Belicza, 2013-2014. All rights reserved.