Call to Conference
Updated:  September 5, 2017 


The 57th Anniversary District Conference will convene October 13-14, 2017, on the campuses of Claflin and South Carolina State Universities, in Orangeburg, South Carolina. The host hotel is the Country Inn and Suites by Carlson located at 731 Citadel Road. The Comfort Inn and Suites located at 747 Citadel Road will serve as the overflow hotel.

Please know that the Brothers of Area IV have worked to ensure that this District Conference will exceed your expectations.  Brothers and guests will leave this Conference inspired, challenged and more involved with their individual communities and the brotherhood as a whole.

In light of the District Conference's delay last year due to Hurricane Matthew, the 57th Anniversary District Conference will continue the new traditions established with the 2016 District Conference.   First of all, it will again be a two-day conference, and the awards will be integrated throughout the competitions and events.  There will be some new activities, such as the Fraternal Luncheon, and the return of the Life Members Breakfast.

Although this is not an election year, fraternally or nationally, we will have news from our National Convention.  During the Public Program, we will recognize and honor two new South Carolina Living Legends from the chapters in Area IV.  Additionally, during the Public Program we will continue to commemorate the Emanuel Nine who were tragically slain on June 17, 2015, at Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church, in Charleston, South Carolina.  We will do this by honoring individuals and organizations who embody their spirit and service to others.

There will also be an opportunity to engage in two new "signature" community service projects, Let's Tie Things Up and Alpha Men Do Read.  Both projects are designed to impact our communities in South Carolina.  Brothers will serve middle school male students through Let's Tie Things Up by conducting an interactive workshop regarding the importance of a positive and professional male image and career readiness.  Alpha Men Do Read represents the District's proactive measure to promote literacy development in elementary schools.  Brothers will conduct a book drive and dedicate reading time at local elementary schools.

What can you do to ensure the success of the 57th Anniversary District Conference?  The answer is very simple, make sure that your chapter delegates and brothers are registered for the District Conference, as well as, participate in the chapter awards and competitions.