I am working with the following talented PhD / MS students and research fellows.

At Department of CSE, IIT Kharagpur

Abhisek Dash, pursuing PhD (joint supervision with Dr. Animesh Mukherjee)
Broad topic: Diversity, bias and fairness in information filtering algorithms

Paheli Bhattacharya, pursuing PhD
Broad topic: Legal Data Mining

Shalmoli Ghosh, pursuing MS
Broad topic: Use of social media for healthcare informatics

Anurag Roy, project fellow
Broad topic: Multimodal retrieval and learning

At Department of CST, IIEST Shibpur

Moumita Basu, pursuing PhD (joint supervision with Professor Sipra DasBit)
Broad topic: Utilizing social media for emergency relief and preparedness

Soumi Dutta, pursuing PhD (joint supervision with Dr. Asit Kr. Das)
Broad topic: Classification and summarization over social media

Arpan Mandal, pursuing PhD (joint supervision with Dr. Sekhar Mandal)
Broad topic: Legal data mining