St. Anthony

Who is St. anthony?

Anthony of Padua (August 15, 1195 - June 13, 1231), a Franciscan friar, was remarkable theologian and preacher. He became the first theology teacher in the Franciscan order. St. Anthony was miraculously visited by the Infant Jesus. This is why in all his pictures Saint Anthony is seen holding the infant Jesus. He was only 36 when he died on June 13, 1231 at Arcella, near Padua, Italy. The Church declared him a Saint when Pope Gregory IX canonized him less than a year later on May 30, 1232. In 1946, Pope Pius XII proclaimed him worthy of the title "Doctor of the Universal Church". His tongue is incorrupt and is preserved in the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua. His feast is celebrated on June 13. He is known for his intelligence, oratory, and great memory. He is popularly known as the patron saint for lost things. People pray to Saint Anthony when they need help in finding a lost article and also to regain lost faith, lost love, and lost relationship etc.. Devotion to St. Anthony is always accompanied by charity to the poor and needy.