Case Saver KitS

Do you ride your 2008-2020 Yamaha WR250R/X off road?

Do you want maximum engine case protection?

Do you want to add some style and replace the factory plastic mud trap?

Then you need ONE OF our Case Saver kitS!

Please keep in mind that we designed this Case Saver to help prevent and minimize damage to the engine case in the event of chain failure or normal impact to the engine case in front of the sprocket. This part is NOT designed to eliminate damage due to improper chain tension, worn sprockets, front sprocket sizes other than the 13T original size, improper chain master-link installation, and any other Act of God scenarios that may happen. What it IS designed to do is outlined below.


    1. Over 6,000 happy customers world wide!
    2. The First and Original Case Saver/Sprocket Guard for the Yamaha WR250R/X!
    3. Provides the best protection for your engine.
    4. Allows rocks and mud to leave the front sprocket area instead of being trapped inside the OEM cover.
    5. Strong, three point mounting system when used with OEM or Sandman Sprocket Cover.
    6. Sprocket Guard is made from Laser cut .190 Aluminum and powder coated for maximum protection.
    7. Case Saver is made from precision TIG welded steel and DOM spacers for maximum strength and protection from debris and broken chains.
    8. Closed cell Neoprene foam cushions the Case Saver against your engine, which also helps to keep out dirt and mud.
    9. Your Choice of Powder Coated colors: Silver (Closest match to OEM color), Raw Aluminum (NO Powder Coat), Blue Wrinkle. Black Wrinkle, Red Wrinkle, Matte Black, Gold, Orange, or choose our custom color option.
    10. Motor hugging design allows room for a 14T front sprocket as the OEM system does not allow the use of a 14T sprocket with the original OEM parts. The 14T sprocket is a tight fit and as a result you will experience marking and wear on the Case Saver from the chain, usually from chain growth at sustained high speed or poor chain tension. This is just hard to avoid. Please be aware that we do not endorse nor recommend the use of a 14T sprocket due to the reduced chain clearance in this already tight area. Chain growth at high speeds, chain type and brand and chain tension are out of our control, and as such no guarantee of total engine protection can be made when our case saver is used with a 14T sprocket.
    11. Allows you to re-index your shift lever without hitting the sprocket guard.
    12. OEM spec longer mounting hardware included with Vibra-Tite thread locking compound pre-applied.
    13. Replaces weak rubber OEM "Case Saver" which is Yamaha Part #3D7-15377-00-00, and retails for over $15 USD!
    14. Case Saver kits can be ordered three ways:
      1. Case Saver: This kit comes with 5 bolts, two short and three long. This allows you to run with just the case saver or re-use the OEM plastic cover with the included three longer bolts.
      2. Case Saver with Sprocket Guard: With this kit you get our Case Saver and our laser cut Aluminum Sprocket Guard. This gives you a super strong three point mounting system that most Case Savers just don't have. All hardware needed to install is included as well.
      3. Case Saver with Sprocket Guard & Chain Guard: This is our Complete Protection Kit, you get a Case Saver, Sprocket Guard and our matching Chain Guard, and of course, all hardware needed to install.

So, go take a look at your stock Yamaha parts. Do they look like the ones below? These pictures are from one of our customers. This is what his parts looked like after just 5000 miles of normal use. It is very clear that these OEM parts are NOT going to protect your engine from a broken chain or a rock between the engine and the sprocket! Never mind the fact that the OEM system is NOT designed to give dirt, debris and mud a place to exit once it rides the chain to the sprocket area. The OEM system is designed to prevent noise during the required drive by sound check that all motorcycles must now comply with. That is why the stock plastic cover is equipped with sound deadening panel stickers. (Those stickers alone cost over $11 USD to replace BTW!)

Stock parts are just Rubber and Plastic! Our parts are TIG welded Steel and Laser cut Aluminum!

This is the Case Saver kit is installed. Note how the Neoprene Foam conforms to fill the gap between the Case Saver and Engine. This will help to keep dirt and debris out of this vital area and will help to cushion the shock of a rock or broken chain impact.

Here the Case Saver has been installed along with our Aluminum Sprocket Guard. Note the use of the OEM three point mounting system which helps to strengthen the Case Saver. The CAD designed openings in the Freedom Guard allow dirt and debris to exit the sprocket area and help to prevent unwanted build up.

Case Saver Kit with Sprocket Guard and included mounting hardware.

OEM Cover used with base Case Saver Kit.

Matte Black



Matte Black on Left, Black Wrinkle on Right

Red Wrinkle

Room to re-index your shift lever!