Patryck and Ivan Sandoval on a motorcycle road trip a few years ago lost somewhere in Colorado.

Ivan and Patryck Sandoval NOT lost at Pikes Peak, Colorado 2020!

Before And After! OEM parts to our Yamaha Blu Complete Protection Kit

Finished testing parts!

New Premium Colors

Announcing new Premium Color Options! We added three new premium color options, The long awaited Yamaha Blu (Yeah!)  and Blue or Gold Anodized look. All of these new colors are two part colors that require a base coat and clear coat powder coat. Please check out these new colors on this page here: Colors 




noun 1. The hard upper shell of a turtle, crustacean, or arachnid.

Our newest line of protection parts is on finally here! We are very excited to announce the first item in our new Carapace line, the Carapace SG.

This product will provide your Stator cover with the ultimate impact protection. Made from 2mm thick Vacuum Formed HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) this guard offers built in AIR pockets in all critical impact areas to include the space behind the shift lever, an area proven to be weak and prone to impact damage. Design is completely removable to allow service. Included will be a new mounting screw in case you have a damaged one, and 8 (1 spare) custom machined 318 stainless steel spacer washers that allow for correct torque and long term durability.

 After significant R&D, hours of CAD design, material selection and prototype after prototype, we are launching this product today! For more information click here: Carapace 

Carapace SG HDPE Stator Guard Kit

Ultimate HDPE full coverage protection!

About us: We are Ivan and Patryck Sandoval, a Father and Son team who enjoy taking trips on our motorcycles. We live in Racine, Wisconsin, USA. We currently have two Yamaha WR250R's, a 2008 that I bought to ride along with Patryck when he was younger and he could only ride off-road dirt bikes and a 2013 that I bought for myself as Patryck inherited the older but more modified 2008 when he got his Motorcycle License at age 16. We enjoy riding in various local Dual Sport events such as the Big Woods 200 in Wabeno, WI.  For our everyday motorcycles and for taking trips, I have a 2016 BMW R1200RS and Patryck rides a 2017 BMW S1000R. We both have full time jobs, I am an Industrial Controls Engineer and Patryck is studying to be a Personal Trainer as he now works at a local gym.

About our products:  Wow! We are entering our Eleventh year making parts for the venerable Yamaha WR250R/X! Thanks to all for the support over the years! All of our kits are "Made to Order" in the USA from high quality materials. We start with quality material and then we hand make and test fit every order on one of our WR250R's to ensure quality. Typically, when we receive your order we will respond to you with an email thanking you for your order. We will then make and ship your kit in a week or so depending on our personal schedules and the spare time we have. It seems like Saturdays and Sundays are the main days for production around here lately. For more information, just click on the Navigation sidebar on the left to view our parts pages or to place your order.




Enjoy Life, Help others and Safe Journeys to all,

-Ivan and Patryck Sandoval

Some more pictures of our latest adventure!

Getting ready to ride!

I wonder how this camera works? LOL!