Sam Baron


I am currently associate professor of philosophy at the Dianoia Institute of Philosophy, at the ACU in Melbourne. My present research focuses on the connection between key topics in the philosophy of mathematics concerning mathematical ontology, and topics in the philosophy of time concerning temporal ontology. A central focus of this research is the role of truthmaking and non-causal explanation in arguments both for and against particular ontological views. I'm currently investigating the role of non-causal explanation in the indispensability argument for the existence of mathematical objects, as well as timelessness in theories of quantum gravity and timelessness in metaphysics more generally.

My research on timelessness is supported by an ARC Discovery Early Career Fellowship (DE180100414) and an ARC Discovery Project (DP180100105).

My text book with Kristie Miller is available now from Polity Press. The book is designed around courses that Kristie and I have taught at the University of Western Australia and the University of Sydney. Each chapter gets progressively harder, and so the book can be used as both an undergraduate text and a postgraduate guide.

Available here.

Table of Contents
1 Dynamic and Static Theories of Time
2 The Passage of Time
3 The Experience of Time
4 Time and Physics
5 Temporal Asymmetries
6 Time and Causation
7 Persistence Through Time
8 The Paradoxes of Time Travel