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April 2011 Newsletter

June 2010


Yes, plans are definitely under way for SummerFest plus HoA/OktoberFest activities and our famous Bratwurst food stand. Friday, August 6th & Saturday, August 7, 2010 are the SummerFest dates to remember and reserve. Saturday, September 25, 2010 is the HoA/OktoberFest date. Meetings are held the third Wednesday at MyFavorite Café @ 9 a.m. for those interested in the HoA planning.

Bigger and better activities are on schedule for the Saline SummerFest weekend. More runners, more street machines on display, more kid games, more crafters, more bands, and Saline-Lindenberg’s brats, kraut, dogs, pretzels, etc. are in the works for the enjoyment of all who will attend.

Requests for volunteers will be made very soon for SummerFest and reminders will be sent out close to the events. Your help for our fund-raising activities has always been outstanding and much appreciated. The more of us who work, the easier it is for all involved. Our members who participate all seem to enjoy putting in their shift of service.

* * * MINI‑LESSON * * *

In the last issue “Imbiss” was given. It means “snack” which we rarely needed because of the great, filling meals we ate. Your new word is “Gemeinschaft”.

* * * STAMMTISCH * * *

It’s held every third Thursday of the month at Mac’s Seafood Restaurant. Plenty of room, plenty of good company. Please mark your calendar, Blackberry, or other tech device to save the evening for friendship and catching up on the news. Come, pull up a chair and sip a beer, iced tea or your beverage of choice.

If the place, date or time doesn’t work for you, please let us know. We’re open to changes & welcome all who want to join us.

* * * MEMBER NEWS * * *

If any members are having health or other serious concerns, and would like to have the group notified, please let the Secretary or a Board member know. We won’t intrude on anyone’s privacy, but if you’d appreciate having members aware of something, we’d be glad to share our best wishes and prayers with you. We are friends and care about each other. Currently, Dorothy Vogel asks for your prayers and support during a serious time of illness.

* * *G.A.P.P. * * *

Plans are underway for the visit of two teachers and 18 students from Lindenberg from October 14, until November 4, 2010. Our student exchange program is popular with both sister city students. Host families and students experience unique and valuable opportunities to learn and gain better understanding of each other’s cultures.


Plans are beginning to formulate for being the gracious, welcoming and entertaining hosts we can be when the Lindenbergers visit us in Fall of 2011. The exact dates are not fixed yet but Oktober, 2011 seems to be the target. In order to provide an outstanding experience for our guests we need to start working on suggestions soon.

The Board of Directors has begun talking about side trips to offer the Lindenbergers, with emphasis on Michigan exploration, particularly our unique “UP-NORTH”. West coast Michigan has much to offer with dunes, lighthouses & various shipping museums. Mackinaw Island, the “Soo” Locks, Lake Michigan coast winery tours, and more.

Lansing Historical Museum & Capitol building tours or the Rouge Assembly Tour are all under discussion so far.

An old-fashioned barn dance, a high school band concert, and progressive dinner hosted by Saline members are new suggestions which sound exciting.

Activity choices will be offered for our guests to vote on similar to the choices offered to us by them for our side trips last year.

We are seeking other ideas to offer our guests. We want them to visit interesting places and enjoy new things without exhausting them with a strenuous travel schedule.

* * * DID YOU KNOW? * * *

Saline-Lindenberg has a lovely display cabinet in the lobby of City Hall. Within the cabinet are gifts from Lindenberg to Saline, items representative of our friendship with our sister city such as the brass hat given to Saline. We are hoping you would like to donate an item or more, such as a Bavarian flag, cow bell, craft item, group photo of our visitors/hosts, or other souvenier to provide some history, information and stir interest in our group for visitors to City Hall.


Thanks to Shiela Blough’s sharp eyes, a correction is noted here on the location of the delightful local Oktoberfest we attended near Lindenberg. It was Weiler, not Wangen as noted in November’s Newsletter.

Have a suggestion for our plans? Have a concern about the group? Be anonymous if you’d prefer. We really want to hear your opinions.. There’s always room for improvement in any endeavor.

Email your comments to:

November 2009


Wow! Where to begin to share with you how great was our visit to our dear friends in Lindenberg? Sightseeing in the Bavarian region, side trip through Austria, Switzerland and the gorgeous Lake Como in Italy, the bargains at the Milan market, the awesome Milan Cathedral, fabulous Essen und Trinken (food and drink) the whole time, but above all, the warmth and welcoming Gemuetlichkeit of our host families made the time and money spent so worth it. Liebherr provided us with an informative tour, tasty lunch and quiz time which snared some prizes for the alert Salinians who paid close attention to the slide tour and commentary by Peter Feind and his colleagues.

We took in Nuremberg, Munich, Bauernhof Farm Museum, City of Berlin for some, Neuschwanstein castle for others, side trips with hosts to various places of interest, and the fun and good will between our cities’ residents was most important.

Pictures galore are being developed, downloaded, uploaded, sent to our official web site or email to with Bruce Westlake’s tireless efforts to keep us informed. Our official web site is being updated with the latest pictures of mountain walking, happily enjoying the two Oktoberfests (Munich & Wangen) we attended, and even some of our tired travelers coming home with priceless memories, souvenirs, dirty laundry and fewer Euros than we had at the start.

Bern Muller has also posted a photo website to share pictures. He asks that you reach it by first emailing Bern at He’ll reply with the site and password needed to get through.


The success of this activity was overwhelming! Linda TerHaar and Bruce Westlake chaired this event to a great profit, thanks to our willing helpers and satisfied customers. Saline’s Chamber of Commerce expressed appreciation for our participation. We earned approximately $1,700 for the day with the lunch & dinner times busiest. Restocking of supplies had to be done 4 times and we experienced lines of customers often throughout the event. Offering a dinner meal was very popular and resulted in the bulk of our business. Most sincere thanks to all who contributed their time and labor. We can’t do anything without you.

* * * Mini-Lesson * * *

In the last issue a new word, “Klatsch” was given. Did you know it means “gossip?” “Imbiss” is your November new word. Any idea?

* * * STAMMTISCH * * *

An opportunity to gather with members to have a beer, enjoy a Brotseit (cold plate) or Imbiss, sip your diet beverage along with getting better acquainted with each other. It’s a casual get-together to exchange information, jokes, coming events & plans. Based on the German custom of a community table meeting and hearing the latest klatsch, all are invited, welcomed and when you don’t come, we miss you. Come to Mac’s on the 3rd Thursday of each month. If the place, date or time doesn’t work for you, please let us know. We’re open to changes & welcome all who want to join us. *

* * * ANNUAL MEETING * * *

The date of our Annual Meeting has been chosen for Sunday, January 17, 2010, at 3 o’clock p.m. at City Hall. During that meeting nominations and voting for 3 officers needs to be accomplished. Two- year terms (according to the Charter’s Bylaws) for Jack Ceo, Allan Grossman, and Dick Nehring are expiring. All three incumbents stated a willingness to stand for re-election to the Board. Anyone else who would like to use their time and talents or knows a member willing to be elected to the Board is invited to submit those names for nomination.

* * * LINDENBERG GUESTS IN 2011 * * *

Plans are beginning to formulate for being the gracious, welcoming and entertaining hosts we can be when the Lindenbergers visit us in 2011. The exact dates are not chosen yet but planning should start now in order to provide a happy experience for our guests.

They have brought us into their families, homes, and lifestyle with such spirit of friendship; we really want to reciprocate to the best of our ability. Please give some thought to suggesting venues to visit, manageable trips to make, or entertaining activities which will please them as well as our hosts.


Have a bright idea? Have a gripe? Have a wish for the group? Be anonymous if you’d prefer. We really want to hear you. There’s always room for improvements. Email your comments to: or Dorothy,



We are now entering a very busy season for the Saline-Lindenberg Friendship Committee. In order to get out the information, we are sending out this letter, and we are also going to have a general membership meeting.

There will be several important matters discussed at this meeting, foremost of which is the next trip to Lindenberg that is slated for next fall, sometime in mid to late September. If you are thinking about going to Lindenberg next year, there will be important information that you would want to know given out at this meeting. The meeting will be held at Saline City Hall on Sunday, October 5, 2008, at 3:00 PM, in the City Council Chambers. PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND.

Our Oktoberfest is right around the corner. It will be held at Tri-County Sportsmen’s League, 8640 Moon Road, on Saturday, October 18th from 6:00 PM ‘til Midnight. Tickets are $20 per person, and are available from any of the Board members, or by calling 429-2328. We also are having a Quilt Raffle, again featuring a handmade quilt from MaryJo Nehring, and Dee Taylor, along with two fifty-fifty drawings, and a live auction. If you have any gifts you might wish to donate to the auction, please contact Audrey Barkel at 429-2328 or . We are still in need of items for the auction!

The next event will be the Christkindlmarket to take place on Saturday, December 6th, all day in the 100 block of S. Ann Arbor Street. We need persons willing to provide baked goods for our Bake Sale, to work the event itself cooking and serving and selling, and to set up the booths and tents and tear them down afterward. We need lots of help for this event. If you are interested, please contact Audrey Barkel at 429-2328, or any of the Board members.

Last, but certainly not least, please don’t forget to pay your sustaining membership dues. It’s only $25 for the year. If you are tired of paying annually, you can also purchase a life membership for only $250. It’s a worthwhile organization whose rewards are many, not the least of which is sharing in the great camaraderie of fellow Salinians, and with the residents of our sister-city, Lindenberg.

July 2008 Newsletter

German students set to visit:

On October 16th, 15 Lindenberg students are set to come to Saline to take part in the student exchange program. They will be here through November 6th, and will be attending classes with their American counterparts during that time, as well as enjoying the opportunity to see the area sights. Anyone interested in helping to host any of the students for all or part of the time are asked to contact Betinna Hoops at Saline High School, 429-8000 (ext. 2283), or on her e-mail at .

Commemorative Marker Stone for our sister city friends and visitors:

Jim Roth is spearheading a campaign to collect donations for an engraved commemorative stone to be placed at City Hall here in Saline that remember all our friends and visitors from our two Sister Cities, Brecon, Wales, and Lindenberg, Germany. More information can be obtained by contacting Jim on his web site at He will be happy to supply you with further details and a concept of how the commemorative stone will look.


Every third Thursday night of the month, we have an informal gathering at Mac’s in Saline at 7:00 PM, called Stammtisch. Roughly translated, it means “regular table”, or a place where the regular patrons sit and gather in an establishment. It is a regular German tradition, and we have brought it back here from Lindenberg. You don’t have to be specially invited – anyone can attend. The purpose is to help spread the word and the Gemutlichkeit that we share as part of the Lindenberg sister city relationship. Come along, and bring a friend. At worst, you might have a night out with a drink at Mac’s. At best, you might discover what many of us already have – that having friends halfway around the world, and celebrating their customs here is a great way to spend an evening.


We now enter the season when our membership undertakes our three major fund-raising events of the year: participation in Summerfest downtown on August 8 & 9; putting on our annual Oktoberfest on October 18th at Tri-County Sportsmen’s Club; and putting on our annual Christkindlmarket on December 6th downtown in conjunction with the Holiday Parade. These events succeed in direct correlation to the help we have in putting them on. There are a number of ways you might get involved.

At Summerfest, we staff a food booth on Friday evening, August 8th, and on Saturday, all day at the downtown event, and we will be selling tickets to our annual quilt raffle. You can help set up the booth, you could help cook brats and dogs (and discover the way German brats are prepared), you could help sell any of these items in our booth, you could sell quilt raffle tickets, or you could assist with tear down and clean up. We ask that interested parties donate their time in two hour shifts, and that you contact Dorothy Thompson at 944-3791 to learn more and sign up.

At the Oktoberfest, we put on a dinner dance at Tri-County. During the dance we have a fifty-fifty raffle, a quilt raffle, and a live auction of donated items. We have two musical groups, “Fiddler Pie”, and the “Vagabonds”. For this event, we need help decorating the hall the morning of the event, selling tickets at the door, selling raffle tickets, assisting with the auction, and clean-up after the event. Its only one day, and you can become part of a worthwhile effort. If you are interested in working, contact Audrey Barkel at 429-2328, or on her e-mail at .

Christkindlmarket is a great activity for getting out in the fresh December air, and getting in the Christmas spirit. This is an outdoor market held downtown, much like in many small German cities. The club has a food booth and bake sale, and another booth that sells German made gifts for Christmas. We also invite other merchants to join us in this activity that leads right up to the annual Saline Holiday parade. We need volunteers to help set up tents and booths the afternoon before, help with staffing the booths selling items, and help with tear-down on Sunday morning after the event is over. If you are interested in working, contact Audrey Barkel at 429-2328 or on her e-mail at , or Marianne Kozma at (734) 272-4609, or on her e-mail at .

General Membership meetings:

We will be having two membership meetings for all SLFC members, and ANY other interested persons. They will be on Sunday, October 5, 2008, at 3:00 PM at Saline City Hall in the Council Chambers. We will be discussing plans for our second trip to Lindenberg next year, and trying to get folks to help us out with the upcoming events listed above.

The second meeting will be on Sunday, January 18, 2009, at 3:00 PM at Saline City Hall in the Council Chambers. This meeting will be our annual election of Board members, and a further discussion of the more detailed plans for the 2009 trip to Lindenberg. We urge everyone to attend both meetings, and learn about and support our activities. If you have any questions, please call Jack Ceo at 429-1208.

2009 Trip to Lindenberg:

As it stands right now, we will be traveling to Lindenberg sometime in the Fall of 2009. The exact dates are not set at this time. Our counterparts in Lindenberg have proposed three possible side trips while we are there for us to choose from. We will be asking those who commit to going to Lindenberg in 2009 to express an interest in which one they would pick from among the three that they would most like to go on. Only one of the three would then be offered to those who wanted to go at an additional expense. Those three are:

  1. A bus trip through Bregenz, Austria, and then Chur, Thusis, Tiefenkastel, Savogning and Saint Moritz, Switzerland. From there we would board a train (the Bernina Express) into Tirano, Italy. We would have lunch there, and then on to the Comer See for dinner and an overnight. On the second day, we board a bus and travel to Lago Maggiore, and Cannabio, and visit a famous Italian market. We then bus back to Lindenberg.
  2. A bus trip through Munich and Chiemsee, and then to Salzburg, Austria to the Castle Hellabrun. We spend the night in Salzburg. On the second day, we have a sightseeing tour through Salzburg with an English speaking guide, and return again via bus through Chiemsee and Munich to Lindenberg.
  3. A bus trip through Memmingen, Ulm, and into Wurzburg, Germany (the Baroque City), home of the beautiful Marienburg Castle. We would arrive around noon, and board a boat for a cruise on the Main River and lunch. We would disembark the boat in Veitshochheim. Here we would tour the largest Rokokogarden in Europe. We then return to Wurzburg and our hotel. That evening, we would have a “Nightwatchman tour” and dinner. On the second day, we would return to Lindenburg via bus through Dinkelsbuhl or Nordlingen, stopping for lunch in whichever town we travel through.

We provide this information to you now for two reasons. First, to get you excited about the trip, and second, so you could perhaps do some internet exploring of the above destinations, and come to a more informed decision about which might appeal to you most.

I have traveled through the cities on tour options two and three and all are beautiful. I was stationed in Wurzburg for 23 months in 1970 and 1971. Pam and I went back there on our last trip to Lindenberg, and it is still a beautiful, charming city. All the trips are different, and all offer their own advantages. Check them out yourself on the computer! You’ll be amazed what you can learn.

If you are interested in the trip, please contact me, Jack Ceo at 429-1208, or on his e-mail at , or Audrey Barkel at 429-2328, or on her e-mail at . We will probably be limited to about 30 people, so don’t wait too long to get involved. It’s a beautiful trip to a wonderful place.

March 2008 Newsletter

Welcome Spring 2008!

It’s officially Spring, yet there’s this strange covering of white stuff on the ground, and temperatures are in the 20's! Hopefully, we’ll enjoy some warmer weather soon!


General Membership Meeting

Our General Membership Meeting was held Sunday, January 20, 2008, at City Hall. Thanks to all who were able to join us, and apologies for publishing the

incorrect date in the December newsletter. Bruce Westlake and Jim Roth were re-elected to new, 3-year terms. Copies of minutes are available from Jack Ceo, Secretary.

We were told by our Treasurer Allan Grossman that our bank balance was close to $5,600, plus $5,000 in a Certificate of Deposit. Our bank balance is healthy thanks to our fund raising efforts last summer and fall – even after we paid

many expenses for our 27 German visitors in October!

During the meeting, we decided to allocate $500 to the city for the acquisition of a display cabinet in City Hall for SLFC memorabilia.

The tentative timing for our next visit to Lindenberg is in the fall of 2009; dates to be determined.

Membership in SLFC

Please note that a “sustaining” membership in SLFC consists of paying an annual dues of $25/person or a life-time fee of $250. Membership is based on the calendar year and extends from January 1 through December 31 of any given year,

regardless of when you actually “join” or pay your membership fee. E.g., if you join in August, you still need to “renew” your membership the following January. (Currently, only eight members from 2007 have renewed for 2008.) Contact Allan Grossman (429-2591) or send payment to him at 108 S. Ann Arbor St., Saline, MI

48176 to “renew” your 2008 membership to help keep our organization financially healthy.


Summerfest – Friday & Saturday, August 8 & 9. Dorothy Thompson is the chairperson for this event.

Oktoberfest – Saturday, October 18, at Tri-County. Audrey Barkel is the chairperson. We will be entertained by a group called “Fiddle Pie” during dinner, and again by the “Vagabonds” later on for dancing.

Christkindlmarket – Saturday, December 6. Marianne Kozma and Audrey will co-chair, with subcommittees for advertising, music, merchandise, bake sale, set-up & take-down, electrical hook-ups and food. To offer your help, please contact Marianne or Audrey – they will provide the name(s) of the appropriate sub-committee chairs.

GAPP – Current plans call for 16 exchange students from Lindenberg to come to Saline in October (exact dates to be announced). Saline students will next travel to Germany in 2009. Bettina Hoops coordinates this program.


Summary of March Board Meeting

The Treasuer’s Report for March showed a balance of $10,959.04, which includes a $5,000 Certificate of Deposit. The Board voted to establish a second CD in the amount of $2,500.

The Board also voted to create two $250 “scholarships” to help

students participate in the GAPP exchange program. Criteria for scholarship recipients will be established by Bettina Hoops in consulation with the Board.

The Board wishes to create a backup historical record of the SLFC.

If you have documents related to the formation or history of SLFC, please

contact Audrey or Jack. (Board members can be reached at the email addresses listed below .) Next Board meeting is Wednesday, June 18.

Current Board Officers:

President – Dick Nehring

Vice President – Peter Beardsley

Treasurer – Allan Grossman

Secretary – Jack Ceo


SLFC Website

Bruce Westlake wishes to remind all that our website is now more “user friendly,” and has been moved to a new host. It’s an easy way to keep track of SLFC events and view photos from past events. The URL is:


Stammtisch—Third Thursday

Remember: Stammtisch is still held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Mac’s Acadian Restaurant in Saline. Stammtisch is not limited to SLFC members – bring your friends and introduce them to our organization. We think we’re a pretty good group to get to know!


December 2007 Newsletter


Saturday, December 1, dawned brisk and calm. The winds of the previous day had died down, but temperatures were in the low teens and eventually would rise to the mid-20s. A small crew of volunteer workers put the finishing touches on two wooden booths and assembled a small village of 3-sided tents in preparation for vendors and the food inspector who would arrive shortly. The merchandise booth was set up with German and Christmas wares being offered for sale.

Christkindlmarket 2007 was ready for it’s first customers at the appointed hour of 10:00 a.m. Customers were steady throughout the day, but not in the numbers enjoyed last year. The Christmas spirit was in the air all day and the sun made feeble attempts to break through the clouds. That evening, a light snow began to fall shortly after the parade started, creating a picturesque, holiday scene of seasonally-dressed spectators who cheered friends and neighbors, including a small group of SLFC members and children, as they moved slowly down Michigan Avenue. Early tallies indicate w e will enjoy a profit this year, albeit less than last year’s. Food sales were over $800, the bake sale exceeded

$500, and merchandise sales topped $200. A success by all accounts. And, as in past years, our success was a cooperative effort headed by Marianne Kozma and Audrey Barkel, with assistance from committee members who helped set up, take down, and staff booths and tents in bitter cold and wind, and by other SLFC members who helped staff our booths through-out the day. A big “Thank You” to all!

27 Germans Visit in Saline

Nineteen SLFC member families hosted 27 visitors from our Sister City, Lindenberg, Germany, beginning with their arrival on October 3, through their departure 10 days later on Saturday, October 13. Everyone did their best to show our visitors new sites and keep them entertained during their stay. A Welcoming Ceremony at Saline City Hall on October 4 came after a full day of local site-seeing. On the following days, we took our visitors to Grand Rapids to visit Frederick Meijer Gardens and tour an orchard; to Toledo to the harness races; to Detroit to the Detroit Opera House,

Ford Field, and the Detroit Brewing Company; and on a two-day outing to Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake. Some host families took their guests on “side trips” to upper and western Michigan, to Chicago, and to other sites near and far. A small group of our visitors even squeezed in their own unescorted, over-night trip to Chicago, traveling by train. We’re not sure who was more travel-weary after this visit, our guests or their host families, but we do know that the experience was truly memorable for all. Old friendships were renewed and new ones formed, and good-byes tearful! Tentative plans are being formed for a return visit to Lindenberg in 2009.

Oktoberfest 2007

Oktoberfest 2007 was held on Saturday, October 6, at the Tri-County Sportsmen’s Club. In terms of pure enjoyment, this was one of our best ever! We were entertained by the Saline Fiddlers to get the evening started, followed by a very lively auction, and a raffle for the very popular quilt created by Dee Taylor and Maryjo Nehring (which alone raised $900 in ticket sales!). Dinner was a German-themed meal accompanied by some wonderful German beer, which was followed by much dancing and (at times, raucous and enthusiastic) singing to music of The Vagabonds, a two-person

ensemble that made one believe the whole affair might be taking place in our Sister City itself! It was a wonderful evening enjoyed by all.

SLFC Website

Bruce Westlake has improved our website so it is now more user friendly. The site was moved to a new host, eliminating the need to “sign-up” to see photos and other postings. The URL is the same, The address is:

Stammtisch—Third Thursday

Remember: Stammtisch meets the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Mac’s Restaurant in Saline. Stammtisch is not limited to SLFC members – bring your friends.

General Membership Meeting

Our next general meeting will be Sunday, January 20, 2008, at 3:00 p.m. at City Hall. Board member elections will take place for members with term s expiring in 2008. Mark your calendars to join us.

September 2007 Newsletter

Summerfest Sizzles

SLFC food sales at the Saline Summerfest were brisk on Friday vening and steady on Saturday during Saline’s Summerfest on August 10 & 11. We took in over $1,100, and our net profit was just shy of $900 thanks to many welcome food donations and lots of volunteer help. We also sold 44 raffle tickets for the Charm quilt made by Dee Taylor and MaryJo Nehring to be raffled at Oktoberfest (tickets $5/each – photo on website). A big “Thank You” to all who helped during the two-day Summerfest event.


German October Visit Nears

Twenty-five visitors from Lindenberg will arrive in Saline on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 3. Many activities are planned for our guests and the host families, however all SLF members are invited to attend the Welcome Ceremony at City Hall on October 4 (6:00 pm); Oktoberfest on October 6 ($20/person – Tri-County), and the Farewell Dinner on October 12 at 6 pm ($10/person – American Legion). Activities include an informal welcome at Mac’s the evening of their arrival; tours of Liebherr, Scherer-Trier, the new high school & other Saline sites; day-trip to Grand Rapids for lunch & to visit Frederik Meijer Gardens; an evening at the harness races in Toledo; a day in Detroit to tour Detroit Opera House and Fox Theater (or Comerica Park and/or Ford Field); and a 2-day trip to Niagara Falls on October 9 & 10, which includes a Maid of the Mist ride. We hope you can join us at the Welcome Ceremony, Oktoberfest, and/or the Farewell Dinner.

Oktoberfest 2007

Plans are being finalized for Oktoberfest to be held Saturday, October 6, at the Tri-County Sportsman’s Club. Seating will begin at 5:30 p.m. with dinner served from 6 - 8 p.m. Entertainment will be The Fiddlers Restrung from 6:15- 7:00 p.m., and The Vagabonds from 8:00 p.m. to midnight for everyone’s dancing pleasure. The quilt raffle – tickets are still available – and a Live Auction will be held between 7 and 8 p.m. We are in need of appropriate items for the auction: please contact Audrey Barkel (429-2328) asap to donate an auction item. Only 250 dinner tickets are available, including those reserved for our German guests. Dinner tickets are $20/person and can be purchased from any Board member.


2007 Christkindlmarket

This year’s Christkindlmarket will be held December 1, and will again feature vendors selling Christmas-related merchandise. Along with the JC Glühwein tent, a SLFC food booth and bake sale will be held throughout the day, with the Saline Holiday Parade taking place that evening. Marianne Kozma (429-7225) and Audrey (429-2328) are taking the lead on this event. To HELP PLAN or PARTICIPATE in this event, or if you know any vendors who might be interested in joining us, contact either Marianne or Audrey asap. The next planning committee meeting is September 24 at 7:00 p.m. at Audrey’s house.



Sixteen Saline High School Students traveled to Lindenberg from June 15 - July 10 for this year’s GAPP exchange. SHS German teacher Bettina Hoops and her husband Peter Beardsley, with their daughter Katharina, led the visit, and Jim Roth went along to help keep tabs on the students. It was a successful and memorable trip for all. Students from Lindenberg will visit here next in October 2008.


SLFC Website

Be sure to check our website, which is updated frequently by Bruce Westlake. Photos of recent events and activities are regularly posted, as well as information about upcoming events. (You do have to sign up for a no-cost membership in order view photos.) The website is:


Saline Fair Info Booth

Look for us at the Saline Fair! Plans are being made to set up an information booth about SLFC at this year’s Saline Fair in September.



Remember: Stammtisch meets the third Thursday of every month at Mac’s Restaurant in Saline at 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome! Next Stammtisch will be September 20.

Spring 2007 Membership Newsletter

Germans to Visit in October

he exact number is not yet known, but so far 24 visitors from Lindenberg are planning to come to Saline in October. Their arrival date is Wednesday, October 3, and most will return to Germany on Saturday, October 13. If you haven’t made your availability known and wish to serve as a host family, contact Jack Ceo at 429-1208 to add your name to the list.

The SLFC Board has been busy planning activities for their visit. An informal welcome will be held at Mac’s the evening of their arrival followed by a formal welcoming ceremony at City Hall on October 4. Events planned include tours of Liebherr, Scherer-Trier and the new high school; a day trip to the west side of the state with a stop at Frederik Meijer Gardens near Grand Rapids; an evening at the horse races in Toledo, and dinner at Jerry’s Pub on Wampler’s Lake.

Our visitors have also asked us to arrange a trip to Niagara Falls, which will take place on October 9 & 10 for $152 per person, which includes transportation, one night’s lodging, and the Maid of the Mist tour boat. Call Dick Nehring (429-4618) for additional information.


Oktoberfest 2007

ktoberfest 2007 will take place on Saturday, October 6, at the Tri-County Sportsman’s Club where it has been held the past couple of years. Seating will begin at 5:30 p.m. with dinner served from 6 - 8 p.m. Entertainment will be The Fiddlers Restrung from 6:15-7:00 p.m. and The Vagabonds from 8:00 p.m. to midnight for your dancing pleasure. A Live Auction will be held between 7 and 8 p.m. To donate items for the auction, please contact Audrey Barkel at 429-2328.

Attendance will be limited to 250 people, and the Board has voted not to reserve tables.


Christkindlmarket 2007

iscussions and plans are underway for this year’s Christkindlmarket to be held Dec-ember 1st along with other events and the annual Saline Holiday Parade that evening. Marianne Kozma and Audrey Barkel are again taking the lead in planning this event, which was a huge success last year. The first meeting of the Christkindlmarket Committee is scheduled for June 18th at 7:00 p.m. at Audrey’s house. Contact either Marianne or Audrey if you want to help in planning for this event.



ifteen or 16 Saline High School Students will travel to Linden-berg for eight weeks as part of this year’s German-American Partner-ship Program (GAPP). The stu-dents will again be led by German teacher Bettina Hoops and her hus-band Peter Beardsley (along with their daughter Katharina). Jim Roth is going along to help keep tabs on the students. The students depart June 15 for Lindenberg and return to Saline on July 10.


SLFC Website

ruce Westlake is our webmaster and regularly posts photos of interest to members on the website. The one drawback of our current website is that you have to sign up for a membership in order view photos – however there’s no cost. Alternatives are being explored. The website is:


“Big Band” a Success

ur community recently hosted a group of students from the Lindenberg Big Band. Twenty-four high school students stayed with local families and performed at various “play dates” in Ann Arbor and Saline. It was considered a great success by all involved thanks in large part to Jim & Joan Roth!


Saline Summerfest

Saline Summerfest is scheduled for August 10 & 11, and SLFC is planning to staff a food booth to sell brats, hot dogs and sauerkraut as we did last summer. We will also add bake sale goods to augment our fund raising efforts based on the success we enjoyed at last year’s Christkinlmarket. Contact Dick, Jack, or Audrey to offer your help.


Saline Fair Info Booth

Plans are being made to set up an information booth about SLFC at this year’s Saline Fair in September.



emember that Stammtisch meets the 3rd Thursday of every month at Mac’s Restaurant in Saline at 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome!










Stammtisch is a gathering of people around a table to socialize and have a drink or two during the evening. This takes place in Saline every 3rd Thursday of the month about 7:00 pm at Mac's. It is a good time to meet our members and have a good time. Anyone is welcomed to join us. Please come and bring a friend.

German Park Picnic .

This event is held every year the last Saturday in the months of June, July and August organized by other German Clubs in the area. We would like to have a group of our members meet at this event in June. If you are interested please let one of the board members know.


Octoberfest 2006 will be held at Tri-county on October 16 with the dinnertime 6:00 - 8:00 while the Fiddlers ReStrung play. Dancing will be from 8:00-12:00 with music by The Vagabonds. Again this year we will have the 50/50 raffle along with a small auction (including a hand-made quilt) between the two music groups. The tickets for Octoberfest will be on sale in September. The cost is singles @ $18.00, couples @ $35.00, or a

reserved table for 8 @ $140.00. Ask a board member where the tickets will be available.


Christkindlmarket will be held on Saturday, December 2 starting at 10:00 located near the 4 comers of downtown Saline. The committee is very busy organizing this and always looking for more vendors. We will be selling our own food this year. If you are available to help before, during, or after this event please let one of the board members know.

$$$$$ Membership Dues $$$$$

General Membership has no dues, but Sustaining Membership dues are $25.00 annually. This is due anytime during the calendar year. Life Time Membership dues are collected at anytime for $250.00. This money is used to help toward the expenses of the next Lindenberg visit. You can send these dues to P.O. Box 494 or give it to one of the board members. Please make checks to SLFC. We have a potluck gathering in the fall with members who have paid their annual and lifetime dues.

Other News

The Saline-Brecon Friendship Guild is having a Farewell Party for their Brecon guests on September 19, 2006 at Tri-County Sportsmen League. This will be open

to the public. The dinner is steak, chicken, or salmon will trimmings plus entertainment. The cost is $12.00. Contact one of our board members for details or watch the Saline Reporter for information. Because of limited space tickets will be sold in advance.

We are always looking for new ideas and topics for the newsletter. If you have an idea or would be interested in writing an article, please let us know.

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