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IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY – Saturday 8th June 2024

Practical Advice – Part I

When it comes to our relationship with the Blessed Mother, it is valuable for our own prayer life to see how the liturgical celebration of the Immaculate Heart has been presented to us, and to see  how the changes over the years can help us to deepen our prayer life.

1. Born from the Scriptures: Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary has a clear home in the Gospels: (Luke 2.19) has Mary pondering all the wonders of the incarnation “in her heart” and (Luke 2.22.40), has the other side especially verse 35 “and a sword shall pierce your own soul too”. In Christian Iconography the Immaculate Heart – the actual heart – is depicted as a crown, with roses, normally aflame with the love for God, and often, but not always, shown with a sword piercing through. Knowing that Mary went through this all makes sense.

2. Devotion to a historical person and real events. The celebration of the Immaculate Heart has moved around the calendar a fair bit, but before the most recent reform of the calendar, it was celebrated on August 22, the octave of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. This allowed devotion to the heart of Mary to be closely linked to her glorious state, brought to the throne of  God. So, when we pray with Mary or the saints, we are not making this up. These are real people who continue to seek a real relationship with us as much as we seek them.

3. Devotion to Christ. Something interesting happened when the calendar was renewed. The devotion to the Immaculate Heart was tied to the feast of the Most Sacred Heart and wasreduced from a double of the second class (essentially a feast) to a memorial. This was an important change, a realization that our devotion to Mary and her Immaculate Heart only makes sense in relation to our love for Jesus and the Sacred Heart.

There is an interesting give and take in our relationship with God. The Father can seem so distant, so we pray “through Christ our Lord” or we pray in the Holy Spirit: Then, as time went on, Jesus became almost as remote as the Father and so we focused on Mary and the Saints to intercede for us. Do not misinterpret here, the reason we can and should pray in this way is that it works. God hears us when we pray in company, but what the change to this memorial shows us that any devotion needs to be related to our devotion to Christ, to God. To be continued next week.

CWL Parish Food Drive

     The CWL will be having a parish food drive the weekend of June 15/16 at all masses. All donations -     food or cash, will go to FAMSAC.  Members will be at the front entrance at all masses to gratefully        accept your donations. Please see the poster in front entrance.  Most needed items are: boxed Kraft        dinner, sugar, all purpose flour, canned chick peas, oatmeal, nut free granola bars, vegetable oil,             canned chicken noodle soup and canned vegetable soup. 

West Ottawa Interfaith

Those wishing to donate money to support the homeless are encouraged to do so online;

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Prayers for the Sick

If you wish to add a name, please contact the office and leave the name of the person that you wish to have remembered in "Prayers Requested for the Sick and In Need" section.