Sunday, July 25th is the First World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly with the theme: “I am with you always” (cf. Mt 28:20).

Below please find a wonderful video message from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops which “encourages young people, families, and communities to draw near and to spend time with grandparents and the elderly, cherishing their essential role for the Church and society”.

Pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Shrines of Croatia Slovenia & Venice

Covid News

Our regular Mass schedule will resume this Saturday June 12 @ 5:00 pm and Sunday June 13 @ 9, & 11 am @ 15% capacity.

As well as weekday mornings, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday @ 8:30 am.

Great News!

Welcome back to our newly Air Conditioned Space!

On behalf of myself and the parish, thank you to a generous parishioner who wishes to remain anonymous for his donation to allow us to have air conditioning installed in the Church proper.

What a wonderful gift!

Father Titus

CCCB Statement

Delegation to the Holy See

In conversation with Indigenous people and communities, both at the local and national levels, and bilaterally with the First Nations, Metis and Inuit national organizations, the Bishops, sponsors of this project, have been preparing, for over two years now? a delegation of Indigenous people to meet with the Holy Father to foster meaningful encounters of dialogue and healing. This pastoral visit will include the participation of a diverse group of Elders Afuowledge Keepers, residential school survivors and youth from across the country. The event will likewise provide Pope Francis with a unique opportunity to hear directly from Indigenous Peoples, express his heartfelt closeness, address the impact of colonization and the implication of the Church in the residential schools, so as to respond to the suffering of Indigenous Peoples and the ongoing effects of intergenerational trauma.

Bishop Coli

Diocesan Update on Covid -19 Re-opening

The Ontario government has changed its covid-19 strategy from color-coded zones to a series of steps.

May God continue to bless your families and keep you safe.

Statement from Archbishop Marcel Damphousse of the Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall on the Discovery of the Remains of 215 Children at the Former Indian Residential School in Kamloops, British Columbia