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Frequently Asked Questions   

   What assistance does the Association provide?       

The Sailfish Association is a class association which holds basic information on the boats.  Maintenance problems can be discussed on the forum and information about spares can be obtained. By contact with many Sailfish owners, the Association has built up a fund of knowledge about using and looking after the boats as well as useful DIY additions/improvements. 

Information has been collected over many years and is available on the members only website.

Can I tell what year my boat was built?

While we have no original records, sail numbers give an approximate indication of the dates of manufacture from 1970 to 1985, when numbers were in 800s.

What do members of the Sailfish Association do?   

Sailfish take part in day sailing, weekend trips and longer holidays.  Cruising in company :–  usually consists of a group of Sailfish owners sailing together for fun to an agreed destination.  Overnight stops on board often include an evening out at a bar or restaurant on shore but most boats have adequate equipment for some meals on board.

What about racing?   

The Association has links with sailing clubs where there are several Sailfish.  Sailfish are often invited to join racing by sailing clubs, making use of the club facilities offered.   There may be many Sailfish present or it may mean competing against other cruising boats of similar size.

Can I learn to sail at the Sailfish Association?  

This is best done with RYA instructors under practical learning conditions at clubs, sailing schools, etc. The Sailfish is very responsive, and sails much like a dinghy.  However, you may have confidence that the weighted keel will prevent the boat overturning completely.

What types of boat is the Association for?


How much does it cost and how do I join?  

Annual subscription £2 (due 1st April) – no additional entrance fee.  Contact the Secretary at uksa@sailfish.org.uk for an application form.