Renter's Insurance

Saileast Property Management, LLC (management) strongly advises all residents to have Renters Insurance coverage. Management's insurance only covers the building, and general liability.

You, the resident, should secure Renters Insurance if you wish to have your personal property insured. Management's insurance does not cover your personal property. Further, you as the resident are responsible for the safe keeping of the property owners contents. This would include but is not limited to appliances, fixtures, doors and windows for example.

As an example, consider the following: You come home to find that someone has broken into your apartment. In the process they damaged the door. You call the police and they respond and check to see if it is safe for you to enter. Once cleared you enter your home to find that some of your property as well as some of the property owner's property is missing. A washer and dryer that belonged to the property owner is missing for instance. You file a police report and the police officer provides you with a case/file number. You then contact Management to notify them of the crime, damages and loss of property. You the resident are responsible for the repair or replacement of the door and the replacement of the missing property. Including the property owners missing property. If you have Renters Insurance you are covered and you would file a claim with your insurance provider.

Contact your auto insurance company and ask if they provide Renters Insurance. Most do and many companies offer a discount when you bundle your auto and Renters Insurance coverage together.