Rent Payments

Mail Rent Payments To:

Saileast Property Mgmt., LLC
PO Box 6965
Myrtle Beach SC 29572-0004

Checks should be made payable to: SPM., LLC

Saileast Property Management, LLC prefers that you pay your rent by using Intuit Quickbooks Payments. Intuit Quickbooks Payments is the safe and easy to use. The cost to you is fifty cents per transaction, regardless of the amount you send. We receive an email payment confirmation from Intuit the moment you send your payment. You receive credit for your payment as soon as you send it. No more worrying about your payment being late due to delays caused by the US Post Office. Look for an email from Saileast Property Management, LLC with a rent invoice attached. Click on the payment link and follow the instructions to setup your free account. 

If you choose to to pay by paper check using the US mail then be aware of the following. 
  • Rent payments are credited when received not when they are postmarked.
  • Never mail cash. If it is lost or intercepted in the mail you have no recourse.
  • If you use money orders or cashier checks you run the risk of your payment being lost in the mail. If this happens you have spent the money but your rent has not been paid/received.