Al Khamsa Progeny List for


(Khemahr Moniet x Sahanad) -- 1981 Black Stallion


Until Robin and Nathan Howard leased Black Lightning (in 1995 for the 1996 foals), Lightning only had one Al Khamsa progeny--a son who has not had any Al Khamsa progeny.  Through their efforts during the following years, he was bred to tail-female Sahanad mares, leaving a lasting influence on the Arabian breed through his nine sons and sixteen daughters that are tail-female Sahanad and Al Khamsa.  The first generation of his progeny have begun to produce and are carrying on in their sire's "hoofprint".  It is very exciting to see how his influence is carrying on to the next generations!


Black Lightning, although small, has produced foals with beautifully refined appearances and intelligent personalities.  It is being seen in his grandget as well.     At age 28, he is still producing foals.  Go to the "Meet BLACK LIGHTNING" Page


Key: tail-female/only tail-female sire--removed more than one generation/outcross horses

      daughters and sons

            granddaughters and sons 

                         great-granddaughters and sons

                              great-great-granddaughters and sons

                                      great-great-great granddaughters and sons


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          My Titan (... x FF Bint Hamara) 1990 bay stallion

          HPF Sahanads Gem (... x OA Bint Jolene) 1996 black mare

                     Lailat Al Qadr (El Ad Bataa x ...) 2002 black mare

                                    Malajs Ameera Aurora (Malajs Saphar Moniet x ...) 2015 chestnut mare

                                    Malajs Aziza Sahanad (Malajs Saphar Moniet x ...) 2016 black mare

                     RMR Antez (El Ad Bataa x ...) 2004 chestnut stallion

                     RMR Zafer (RMR Black Lightning x ...) 2006 black stallion

          HPF Shadow Dancer (... x Bint Bint Sahanad) 1996 black stallion

          HPF Tifawraw (... x Aziza Sahaba) 1996 grey mare

          Lightnings Lilly (... x Bint Ibn Sahanad) 1996 grey mare

                      Sir Ravenn Mone (Ravenwood Zaim x ...) 2002 black stallion

                                  Sir Silver Sultann (... x OPA Rayah) 2006 grey gelding

                                  Storrmee Shahlillee (... x Storrmee Shahleah) 2014 chestnut mare

                                  Storrmn Junne Bugg (... x Pal-Ara StorrmnLady) 2015 black mare

                                  Sir Ravenns Amirr (... x Bint Turfas Tara) 2016 bay stallion

          HPF Sahanads Hope (... x Sahanade) 1998 black mare

                      RMR Easter Hope (El Ad Bataa x ...) 2005 black mare

                      RMR AbuHanad (RMR Hanad x ...) 2007 grey stallion

                      "Rocky" (RMR Hanad x ...) 2009 black stallion

          Lightnings Aangel (... x Sahanadah) 1998 black mare

                       Bataas Black Zahrat (El Ad Bataa x ...) 2002 black mare

                       El Bataas Lightning (El Ad Bataa x ...) 2015 black stallion

          OA Morning Star (... x OA Bint Jolene) 1998 grey mare

          Lightning Storrm (... x Storrmy Surprise) 1998 black mare

                       Pal-Ara Absolute (Resolute CHF x ...) 2003 black stallion

                              Absolutely Layla (... x Snow Princess LD) 2011 bay mare

                       Pal-Ara StorrmnLady (Resolute CHF x ...) 2005 black mare

                                        Storrmn Junne Bugg (Sir Ravenn Mone x ...) 2015 black mare 

                       Pal-Ara StorrmnSpirit (Juans Spirit x ...) 2007 black mare

                       Pal-Ara StorrmnSahra (Resolute CHF x ...) 2008 chestnut mare

                                       "Desert Storm" (Jubilation CF x ...) 2014 chestnut stallion

                                       Jadah CW (Jubilation CF x ...) 2015 chestnut mare

                                       Wilde Ivey Sprite (Jubilation CF x ...) 2016 chestnut mare

          Mydnyte Wysper (... x Bataas Ebony) 1998 black mare

                       Mydnyte Shahmann (Shah Ad Milanne x ...) 2009 black gelding

          HPF Malikah (... x HPF Malisah) 1998 black mare

                       Mimrah AR (Juans Sable x ...) 2017 black mare

          HPF Savannah (... x HPF Adhana) 1998 black mare

          OPA Anadah (... x Aziza Sahaba) 1998 black mare

                       OPA Tabeel (OPA Amittay x ...) 2009 black mare

          Light of Thunder (... x HPF NightOfKismet) 1998 black stallion

          MonaLisas Majesty (... x Aziza Mona Lisa) 1998 black stallion

                     Majestys Rayanadah (... x OPA Rayah) 2003 black mare

                     Aziza Mona Elisa (... x Egypts Mona Elise) 2005 bay mare

                                    Aziza Kamona Halisa (Kamal Halim x ...) 2016 bay mare

                     Natinas MonaLisa (... x Faa Natina) 2007 black mare

                MonaElises Majesty (... x Egypts Mona Elise) 2007 bay stallion

                                     Malajs Ameera Aurora (... x Lailat Al Qadr) 2015 chestnut mare

                                     Sahanads Emira (... x Kamala Saham) 2016 black mare

                                    The Storrm Prinncess (... x StorrmyZ Dezert Doll) 2016 chestnut mare

                       Dezert Thundur Storrm (... x StorrmyZ Dezert Doll) 2011 bay gelding

                       MajestyZ Dezert Doll (... x StorrmyZ Dezert Doll) 2014 bay mare

          Lightnings Shadow (... x Sahanade) 2000 black gelding

          HPF Erly Treasure (... x Sahanadah) 2000 black mare

                       Sahanads Jazeerah (OPA Yowel x ...) 2009 black mare

          RMR Sahabet (... x Aziza Mona Lisa) 2000 grey mare

          Abu Sahan-DL (... x Sahanadah Rose) 2001 black gelding

          RMR Black Lightning (... x Sahanade) 2001 black stallion

                     RMR Zafer (... x HPF Sahanads Gem) 2005 black stallion

          OPA Yowel (... x HPF Basantaa) 2002 black stallion

                      Shutan Al Khamsa (... x HPF Caraga Ole) 2007 black stallion

                      Bint Turfas Tara (... x Turfas Tara) 2008 bay mare

                      Sahanads Jazeerah (... x HPF Erly Treasure) 2009 black mare

                       "Kahmal El Bataa" (... x HPF Caraga Ole) 2009 black gelding

                      Katara Saham (... x Kamala Saham) 2010 black mare

                      Turfas Fable (... x Turfas Tara) 2012 bay gelding

                      El Bataas Sahanad (... x HPF Caraga Ole) 2012 black gelding

                      Sahanads Magic (... x Kamala Saham) 2014 black mare

                      Sadah Moniet (... x HPF Caraga Ole) 2014 black mare

          RMR Bint Sahanadah (... x Sahanadah) 2002 black mare

          RMR Aared (... x Aziza Mona Lisa) 2002 grey mare

                       RMR Obeyran (RMR Hanad x ...) 2007 grey stallion

                        "Sage" (RMR Hanad x ...) 2007 grey mare

           HPF Sahanads Faith (... x Sahanade) 2002 black mare

                         "Lucy" (RMR Hanad x ...) 2009 chestnut mare

           RMR Hanad (... x Sahanadah) 2003 black stallion

                         RMR AbuHanad (... x HPF Sahanads Hope) 2007 chestnut stallion

                         RMR Obeyran (... x RMR Aared) 2007 grey stallion

                         "Rocky" (... x HPF Sahanads Hope) 2009 black stallion

                         "Lucy" (... x HPF Sahanads Faith) 2009 chestnut mare

                         "Sage" (... x RMR Aared) 2009 grey mare

           My Kismets Keepsake (... x HPF NightOfKismet) 2009 black mare

            Rida Amani Ajzaa (... x Bint Balima Ajzaa) 2011 black mare